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Software Development


2013-09-08 21:28


NOTE: This job has been re-assigned to company WFH.io as company checkd.in no longer exists.

About Checkd.in

A uniquely Nashville-tinted take on a tech company, Checkd.in provides Data Management & Digital Marketing products to some of the biggest brands in music, entertainment, and consumer marketing. Our team creates cutting-edge digital and social marketing campaigns that leverage our proprietary platform and tools, making big data actionable and relevant in real-time.

Why would you want to work with us?

  • We’re a small team of dedicated technologists that take our work seriously. If you’re not working on interesting problems, expanding your skillset, and having fun at work you’re Doing It Wrong (™).
  • We process millions of pieces of data a day, and our products are seen and used by hundreds of thousands of users. What you work on matters, and making the right choices in infrastructure and automation will help us continue to scale and grow in the future.
  • Our company revolves around the technology department - you’ll help mold the future of our technology stack, not have it dictated to you.
  • Live and work in Nashville, TN (or at least come visit every once in a while) - we’re a big deal: http://www.nytimes.com/2013/01/09/us/nashville-takes-its-turn-in-the-spotlight.html
  • Competitive salary, great benefits, a generous helping of equity, whatever kit you need to get work done and all the rest of the normal startup perks.

Our development environment

  • You’ll be working with four others: two backend Ruby engineers, a Rails/Javascript product engineer and a front-end developer.
  • We have multiple core products that involve data processing/mining, API development, analytics and client-side MV* development.
  • Each member of the team specializes in at least one core product, but is also free to move across the rest of the products in the suite whenever they feel so inclined.
  • Some technologies we use: Ruby/JRuby, Rails, PostgreSQL, RabbitMQ, Backbone.js, Redis.
  • Ship when you want: we move code to production whenever the team feels it’s ready.

Who we're looking for

  • You love Ruby, despite its quirks, and have been working with it for at least 5 years.
  • Testing your code isn’t a chore, it’s the only way to build something maintainable.
  • You know when to extract services, and are comfortable in a service-oriented architecture.
  • You’re prepared to work on projects that are already “at scale” - and take the time to think about performance when designing solutions for problems that require it.
  • You’ve led or worked with other great engineers, and are ready to check your ego (but not your opinions) at the door.

Send an email to matt at checkd.in telling us how to find you on the internets (github, twitter, etc.), a bit about your background, and the project or code you're most proud of and why.

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