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Software Development


2013-09-01 16:30



Our web developers are charged with determining and producing the best software solutions for our clients and the company. At times, you'll be required to research new techniques, maintain legacy software and systems, and manage our technical infrastructure. We have a first class account management team, and our projects have dedicated producers and project managers, so our developers are generally insulated from our clients. You'll be working with our existing team of great developers; you'll learn as much from us as we will from you. We support all our staff by providing training, conference tickets, and a work environment which encourages best practices over quick profits.

You can be based anywhere in the UK. Many of our team already work remotely, but we'd love you to join us in our offices if it is practical. Regardless of where you choose to work, we meet up regularly for company events and conferences.

£24,000-28,000 pa., including separately agreed bonus structure, which we review each quarter. Hours of 9am-6pm, Monday to Friday.


We're open to applications from all developers, regardless of experience, but ideally you'd answer 'yes' to at least six of the following. The rest can be taught:

  • A thorough understanding of the web application lifecycle, development processes and best practices, and delivery methods.
  • Existing knowledge of Python. Our primary tool is Django.
  • Knowledge of at least one MVC web framework (preferably you'll already know Django but we welcome anyone with a background in Rails, Symfony, CodeIgnighter and a willingness to learn)
  • A firm understanding of test driven development. Continuous integration shouldn't be new to you.
  • Knowledge of GNU/Linux system administration.
  • Proficiency in using Git.
  • Ability to develop software projects from concept to completion, with minimal external direction.
  • Knowledge of HTML, CSS & Javascript. If you're familiar with Backbone, that would be a bonus.
  • Ability to communicate effectively. We use company-wide chat and heavily rely on well written tickets and commit messages to update our clients.
  • Ability to make pragmatic decisions, and then to defend them!


  • 22 days per year paid holiday allowance.
  • Technically competent management with extensive web development experience.
  • You get your own book, magazine subscription and equipment budget.
  • We develop a personal training plan for each employee, and we provide everyone with their own training and conference budget.
  • 10% of your time is dedicated to personal development (typically one afternoon a week).
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