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Software Development


2013-08-22 21:30


Role Description

This role could easily be called a “Full Stack Engineer." Specifically, this role spends a few iterations working on the core product and the next few iterations working on supporting systems. These supporting systems are critical systems that ensure we get paid, like the account, billing, and reporting services. The work on the core product might be anything from creating internal administrative interfaces for provisioning or billing to implementation of a new API endpoint. No matter what, this role is working across the team of designers, web developers, operations engineers, API engineers, and reports to the Engineering VP.


  • Contribute to the development of the core product, external and internal APIs
  • Contribute to the development of user accounts, billing, and reporting systems
  • Contribute to the development of internal administrative APIs
  • Contribute to the development of tools that make using the product easier
  • Assist in operationalizing internal systems for monitoring
  • Experiment by creating prototype applications that “dogfood” the API
  • Work cross functionally with designers to database engineers


  • Expert level knowledge of service oriented architectures
  • Expert level knowledge of the JVM and Java
  • Experience with Hadoop, Hbase, Zookeeper, and HDFS


  • Expert level knowledge of HTTP
  • Experience with a wide variety of NoSQL databases (Cassandra, Riak, MongoDB, Redis)
  • Experience with monitoring and statistics services (statsd, graphite, cacti, OpenTSDB)


The company is headquartered in Portland, Oregon. The role is offered as local or remote. Relocation to HQ is an option.

About Orchestrate

Orchestrate.io is a new API service that eliminates the need to deploy and scale databases when building applications, or adding new features to existing applications. It unifies all the queries needed to build interactive applications, allowing developers to rapidly add geospatial, full-text search, graph, and time-series based features to their apps.

By distributing data across cloud providers all around the world, public or private, Orchestrate.io eliminates downtime during outages, reduces latency and automatically scales to meet demand. It’s not a new database – it’s all of the best databases orchestrated by a single, intuitive REST API.

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Portland, OR or Remote

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