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Software Development


2013-08-13 20:09


SA Ignite is looking for engineers who embrace interesting technology challenges. You should be excited by questions like: How do you tackle increasingly vast amounts of data? How do I present complex datasets to users with optimal interface performance? You should get a thrill out of processing gigabytes of data to inform product decisions. You should be able to design and implement systems that scale seamlessly with the vast numbers of users that work in healthcare every day.

We embrace challenges like how to prioritize, design, and build compelling products while maintaining simplicity and usability. Our product challenges span different platforms (web, desktop & mobile) and you should be comfortable moving between all parts of the system.

Here’s what we are looking for:

  • 3+ years relevant work experience
  • A scrappy, entrepreneurial attitude that gets high-quality projects done quickly
  • Deep understanding, familiarity and skill with programming for the web, both ASP.NET WebForms and MVC, using C# and .NET 4.0
  • Experience creating and consuming SOAP web services
  • An understanding of MVP and MVC design patterns
  • Experience working with client-side scripting and related technologies such as JavaScript, jQuery, AJAX, JSON and REST
  • Ability to work across many different parts of our system such as: deploying a new product release, debugging front or back-end systems, writing optimized SQL Queries, updating and creating web services or writing data layer classes
  • Be able to write elegant, readable, and well-documented code
  • Excited to learn new technologies and ways to approach solutions

Had you been with us last month, you would have helped us with:

Adding Decision Support to the MU Assistant®: You would have worked with the product team to define how to best implement decision support capabilities into our MU Assistant product that can assist users by recommending possible measure exclusions or flagging possible errors that may increase the risk of an audit. To do this, you would have had to understand:

  • The electronic health record (EHR) Meaningful Use regulations for claiming exclusions
  • How to correctly analyze client data to determine when an exclusion may be claimed, or when an exclusion has been incorrectly claimed
  • Optimized SQL server queries and Stored Procedures
  • ASP.NET AJAX web applications utilizing MVP design patterns

_Building our Operations and Implementation Infrastructure: _Each month hundreds of new providers are being connected to our application solution offerings, and in order to support this rapid growth rate, we are building internal systems that monitor our application networks, data centers, and support the new customer implementation teams.

This means you might have:

  • Built ad-hoc reports to support operational oversight (e.g., # of files uploaded by client, provider connection date)
  • Developed SharePointintegration with key database fields so that Operations/Implementation has top-down view of clients and providers
  • Developed new web applications using ASP.NET MVC and C# to assist in the setup and provisioning of new customer accounts

About SA Ignite

SA Ignite, based in Chicago (IL), is passionate about improving the efficiency of the healthcare system by delivering a cloud-based platform that monitors and improves the usage of electronic health records (EHRs). Our technology saves our customers time, energy, effort, and money. Most importantly, we are driven by how our work can ultimately make the lives of our children, parents, spouses, brothers, and sisters healthier and happier.

We were founded in 2009, under the premise that there must be a better way to enable EHRs to fulfill their mission of improving healthcare. SA Ignite has since built an outstanding product offering, assembled a talented team, and grown significantly.

Our work environment includes highly capable and grounded co-workers, engaging work, casual dress, flexible schedules, competitive pay and stock package, and full health and dental benefits. We have mastered the art of working remotely and use video conferences and periodic in-person meetings to bring our national team together. We expect our team members to have the ability to work without much oversight because they continually demonstrate their work ethic and their alignment with our company goals.

Apply for this position if you are:

  • Mature, patient and great with people
  • Intellectually curious
  • Resourceful and a “doer”
  • Collaborative and described as a “team-player”
  • Honest, kind and appreciate others
  • Self-directed and “own” everything you do
  • A great problem-solver
  • Open and reflective

Do not apply for this position if you:

  • Would feel uncomfortable without a well-defined corporate structure
  • Have clear boundaries about where your job starts and stops
  • Need policies and procedures to guide your decision-making
  • You’re accustomed to asking your boss for your next assignment
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