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2013-08-08 21:21



ChronoTrack is looking for a fulltime DevOps Engineer. We are looking for an independent creative thinker to fill this position. Our company's mission is to enhance the experience of athletes and organizers of endurance events, like marathons, triathlons and mud-runs. Chronotrack currently supplies services and equipment to the world's top endurance events like the New York Marathon, the Paris Marathon, and hundreds of others.

Our platform runs entirely on Amazon AWS platform (EC2, RDS, etc...). We have a polyglot shop (java, scala, python, ruby, php, c, c++). The qualified person will have experience working and deploying applications at high scale. The person would also have experience and understanding of distributed system architectures including but not limited to message queues, RDBMS sharding/partitioning, distributed data stores (key/value and others) and various other technologies and architectures.


Here is a non-exhaustive list of items we use. Experience with many of these or similar technologies is preferred.

  • AWS (EC2, RDS, S3, etc...)
  • Mysql
  • NoSql (some familiarity with NoSql databases). We use Redis and DynamoDB for various requirements and evaluating MongoDB, Cassandra, and Riak (and possibly others as needed).
  • Java, Scala, PHP, Python, Ruby
  • Linux (Ubuntu)
  • Message Queues (We extensively utilize RabbitMQ and are looking at Kafka for some requirements)
  • PHP Zend (our frontend servers are PHP Zend)
  • JVM (Our backend runs on top of the JVM with software written in Scala and Java)
  • Python powers some of our backend distributed workers (and we're doing more and more prototyping with Python).


We have two development locations, Detroit Michigan and Washington D.C. We prefer someone to be close to these locations, but telecommute is also a possibility for the right candidate.

Travel is very minimal, once every 3 to 4 months, we have a development off-site at various locations (to keep things exciting).


We offer competitive salaries, great benefits, and a stimulating work environment. Great development setup with a Macbook Pro and anything else that will make you more productive. We encourage and subsidize conference participation and continuing education. We love open-source, both using and supporting. We believe in fostering a workplace where team members can be productive and happy.

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