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Software Development


2013-07-20 21:54


NOTE: This job has been re-assigned to company WFH.io as Kontextual was acquired by Xeeva in 201 and no longer appears to exist.

We're looking for a passionate, driven web developer. You would be our second developer and working directly with the co-founder on our existing stack and developing future technologies. We're based in Ann Arbor MI and would love to find someone local but we're location agnositic.

About you

  • 5+ years of web development experience and deep knowledge of modern HTML, CSS3, JS.
  • 3+ years architecting and building web applications with Ruby on Rails
  • Using Git and familiar with Pull Requests style code reviews.
  • Comfortable pair programming
  • Excellent Manager of one. Self-motivating, Self-Directing, and communicative.
  • All around cool guy or gal. We're all in this to build something big, but we want to have some fun along the way. Culture and team building are very important to us.

What you'll be working on

  • Frontend HTML/CSS3/JS Development
  • Backend Ruby Development
  • Scalability, Refactoring and Testing
  • Defining and developing our API
  • Working with client services on consuming that API
  • Assisting with Marketing platforms

If you're interested or feel like this is a good fit drop an email to with your Github profile, code examples, projects or whatever else you think will demonstrate what you've done.

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Ann Arbor, MI or Remote

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