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Customer Support


2013-07-03 20:40


You. Part-human, part-paragon. You are legendary. Except no one knows it yet. You are a legend in the making.

You are the answer to profound petitions for help; petitions offered by a tiny company with the ambition to change the world in a tiny way.

  • As unicorn in training, you possess the potential to do these things well:
  • Affable character by phone and email (customer support)
  • Deftness for busywork, but meaningful busywork (administrative tasks)
  • Socially social (Twitter, Facebook posts & replies)
  • Uncanny ability to spot and eliminate errors (bug testing and bug fixes)
  • Handy with rudimentary code (such as HTML or CSS, although JavaScript or PHP or Rails etc would be wonderfully mystical)
  • Amenably capable of learning new things (such as editing podcast audio)
  • Work from home. OR ANOTHER UNIVERSE. Salary is $30,000 to $36,000 DOE. (That is, Depending On Ebullience.)

We welcome candidates from all backgrounds and all walks of life. If your story is more diverse than the common type in our industry, please don't shy away from applying. We hope to hear from you, too. (We review each candidate in earnest and provide equal opportunity to all candidate types, common or uncommon.)

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