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2013-06-14 11:49


Editorially is a new collaborative writing and editing platform. We believe that the web is not merely another distribution pipeline, but a unique and deserving space for both reading and writing. Our goal is to support and encourage that writing process — from the first flash of inspiration all the way through to publication, and at every point in between.

Together, the members of our team have worked as writers, editors, publishers, designers, and engineers; we’ve shipped products, books, and magazines and enjoy debugging code as much as a good copyedit. We believe in agile, inasmuch as we like to move fast and iterate frequently, but our process is practical and flexible, not dogmatic. We think design happens on whiteboards and sketchbooks, in browsers, and yes — even in Photoshop. We believe progressive enhancement and accessibility are moral imperatives. As a small team, we privilege interdisciplinary roles, clear communication, and the ability to work autonomously. We think good writing and good software development have a lot in common.

Our staff work remotely from Brooklyn, Boston, Austin, and San Francisco, and we’re always eager to add more cities to the list. We’re funded, moving fast, and have a vision for the future of writing — but we need help to see that vision through. We’re currently looking for a front-end web developer who specializes in HTML and CSS, loves responsive web design, and cares deeply about progressive enhancement and accessibility.

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