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Software Development


2015-09-25 07:11


I’m hiring an experienced angular developer who will have a big impact in my tiny company. I’d like to hire you if you:

  • Love JavaScript (ES6+) and the MEAN stack
  • Have completed multiple angular projects and are interested in angular 2.0
  • Have a computer science degree
  • Want to work from home
  • And we get along

My company is called Custody X Change. I sell software that creates child custody schedules and parenting plans. I’ve been working on the business since 2004. The software is currently Windows-only desktop software; this web-version expands on the features considerably.

This new product will make it easy for families to communicate about custody scheduling, children’s activities, and shared expenses. It will reduce a lot of conflict. And it will save people a ton of money in legal fees.

I had a software consultancy firm work on it for a year and a half. We got the designs completed, with a really great user interface. We got most of the design translated into SCSS. We got a little bit of angular front-end / back-end code written. (The code is light on the node side -- we’re putting the computation and logic on the front-end.)

I’m passionate about making a product that’s intuitive. Once we get to a beta release, we’ll watch real people use the software so we know how to improve it. My goal is to have a product that doesn’t frustrate people, but that helps people with their child custody situations.

After we’ve made an awesome product that we know people love, we’ll want to port the app to angular 2.0 and build hybrid apps. We want the current angular 1.x development to keep 2.0 in mind so we can minimize rework.

If you’re interested, email me your resume and I’ll get back to you right away; I’m Ben Coltrin at Gmail dot com



P.S. I want you to be happy working for me. I’ll pay you a decent salary and you can work normal hours. I care about results, not bureaucracy.

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