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Software Development


2015-09-25 07:06


Tweetwall is looking for a full-time PHP developer that is excited by the prospect that their work will power displays that are seen by hundreds of thousands of people in very visible places, like conferences, sporting events, and on television.

We are the leading social media display provider and we empower our customers to make their events or venues more social and engaging, while providing them with world-class customer service, a delightful user experience, and 100% reliability.

Position Overview

As a full-time PHP Developer you will be working directly with the CEO of Tweetwall and our front-end developers to create experiences that are intuitive, fun to use, and efficient. Your focus will be almost entirely on our internal and external APIs, that return responses in JSON. You will occasionally work on PHP pages that interact with the APIs as well on our public site and app.

In addition to writing code for our APIs, you will also need to write documentation for the new things you create, or update the existing documentation for those that you update.

Required Skills

  • PHP (we use Raw PHP for the API, and on the frontend we use the Twig templating engine)
  • Must know how to efficiently write MySQL queries and verify they are using proper indexes
  • Must know how to efficiently work with MongoDB and verify it's using proper indexes
  • Must know how to work with Redis for both short term caching and long term caching
  • Ajax Experience
  • Experience with JSON based APIs for all data retrieval/updates/deletes/etc.
  • Ability to comment code as you go.

Nice-To-Have Skills

  • Real-time infrastructure experience (Meteor, Socket.io, Node.js)
  • Trello Experience

Perks For This Position

  • Rapid development environment with code deploys as often as several times a day.
  • Well defined work, but the ability to work in the order of the various projects as you feel makes the most sense.

This position is full time, contractor or employee, depending on country and/or state of residence.

Awesome Tweetwall Perks

  • We always do what's right for our customers, even if it's not in our best interest
  • Work from anywhere in the world you'd like—some overlap with GMT -0800 preferred (Pacific time zone), but not required
  • Highly collaborative environment with constant Slack availability
  • Great hourly pay (paid weekly), flexible hours, flexible vacation (take time off when needed)
  • Access to our Perk Program once an employee (benefits, stock options, Starbucks card, computer of choice, and more)

The Process

  • Apply
  • You'll receive an email from us within a week, either rejecting your application, or scheduling a Skype call so we can learn more about you, your personality and your communication style
  • If the chat goes well, we'll ask you for a code sample—typically something small so we can see your coding style.
  • If the code sample looks better than any others we've seen, we'll bring you on as a contractor for three to six months for training/trial purposes
  • And finally if the trial goes well, you'll be brought on full time as an employee, and you'll get all the same benefits and perks as our other employees get
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