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Software Development


2015-09-23 06:54


We are seeking a senior Laravel/PHP “full-stack” developer with strong experience building enterprise-quality software.

We need to maintain and enhance a Laravel application that manage users' access to videos for training and offers reporting on each user's progress in their training.

You will be working directly with someone who knows how to provide specifications for the project and can answer questions in ways that can be directly translated to code. Your project manager will be working from GMT-7 and is available from 9am to 11pm daily for questions and suggestions regarding this project.

Job is for PHP (Laravel 4.2, moving to 5.1), with minor HTML5/JS/CSS (SASS/LESS) work only.


  • 5+ years of experience with object-oriented PHP
  • a solid understanding of object-oriented concepts and experience employing them
  • strong knowledge of common software engineering patterns
  • expert experience with Laravel 4.x and 5.x
  • strong skills with SQL, working with dozens of models and tables, subqueries, outer joins, analyzing query plans, performance tuning, proper selection of indices
  • Git workflow
  • comfortable with jQuery and AngularJS
  • comfortable with Ansible deployment
  • comfortable with Continuous Integration
  • maturity, responsibility and dedication to building high-quality, reliable software


  • test-driven development using PHPUnit/PHPspec
  • experience leveraging the best tools
  • excellent oral English skills
  • 5+ hour overlap with Los Angeles business hours at least 4 times a week
  • broad set of skills in employing open source and modern solutions in SaaS businesses
  • adaptable to a relaxed, fun yet professional work environment

About us

The work environment is task driven and friendly. Although we have been a web development company since 1998, this position is for working exclusively with a specific long term client of ours.

We look forward to working with you to employ the most creative, effective and suitable solution to every problem. We value the following aspects of code you will deliver, in order of importance:

  • executes desired business logic
  • is tested
  • is clean
  • is efficient
  • is delivered on time.


  • weekly payout
  • quarterly bonus
  • flexible working hours
  • target, not hourly driven work

Do not apply if:

  • Your Github account is less than 3 years old.
  • Your StackOverflow account score is < 500.
  • You are applying on behalf of an outsourcing company.
  • You are not truly a Senior Laravel developer.

We are looking for a long term partnership with the right developer. Looking forward to reviewing your application!

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