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Customer Support


2015-09-21 20:08


95% of our customers haven't spoken to a sales rep. They discovered SignEasy in the App Store either through search or featured listings, signed up, tried it and paid for a Pro or Business plan. Increasingly, teams inside small to mid-size businesses are reaching out to us to understand the full functionality and power of SignEasy and want to be helped by a Customer Success Representative to adopt SignEasy. For thousands of customers like these, you will be the face of SignEasy. Additionally, if existing customers face a problem or failure while going about their paperwork, they send us a support mail, which requires immediate response and hence we want to be able to serve them instantly so they don’t get frustrated and annoyed because otherwise they will lose a deal due to not being able to sign some important paperwork. No wonder, we will internally call you our breadwinner.

What you will do

  • First and foremost, dive into tickets (head first!) the second they come in. During your support window, you'll own the queue.
  • Talk to our prospects and customers over email and phone, and resolve their product queries.
  • Take charge of Inbound Sales and VPP (Volume Purchase Program) Leads and close them based on the requirement
  • Active participation in the CSP (Customer Success Program) by reaching out to existing customers and running analytics on their usage and Upsell.
  • Provide online, screen share demos, webinars to existing and prospective customers.
  • Ensure all pending queries and issues are resolved on a daily basis.
  • During ticket downtime, you'll work on documentation, videos, proactive support, case study development, account management, and important one-off projects to increase customer happiness.

What we are looking for

  • 2 -3 years of strong ​experience in Product Support with a SaaS Company
  • Basic knowledge of debugging HTTP response codes and reviewing System logs and Events.
  • Patience and empathy is a must.
  • Knowledge on SLA’s and KPI metrics and Reporting.
  • Good to have a Pre-Sales​ or Inbound Sales ​ background.
  • Skilled and eloquent in verbal and written communications.
  • Enjoy talking to people and help solve their problems.
  • You’re a self-starter and will first try to solve your own problems before asking for help.
  • This position will cover from 9AM to 6PM, PST
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This position will cover from 9AM to 6PM, PST


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