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Software Development


2015-09-20 15:54


Who We're Looking For

We’re looking for a “full-stack” developer. To us that means a developer with a mixture of frontend skills (with technologies like JavaScript, SPA frameworks like Ember or Angular or VueJS, and responsive CSS and Sass/LESS) and backend skills (PHP, preferably Laravel, Slim, Craft, etc.)

Our backend code is primarily written in PHP, so while familiarity with Ruby, Python, Go, or other backend languages is valuable, our bread and butter is in modern, Object-Oriented PHP. The person we’re looking for feels at home in PHP, and should have at least some familiarity with the Laravel framework.

We’re looking for someone with mature, well-formed opinions about modern coding processes and practices. Someone who cares deeply about doing amazing work. Someone who is confident in their skills, but experienced enough to know that they still have a ton to learn.

This position is especially suited for someone who's been developing long enough to develop a mature understanding of how to relate to clients, and with a diverse set of skills. It's OK if you don't have every line of Laravel's source code memorized--we'd prefer you know a little bit of everything, and it's more important that you know how to approach your tasks well and learn new skills quickly. 
We’re looking for a good person. Someone with humility, integrity, a good sense of humor, and a grown-up’s sense of what matters in life.



  • Solid understanding of Object Oriented Design
  • Considerable experience with PHP, Git, and MySQL
  • Familiarity with Laravel Framework
  • Basic server administration experience
  • Experience using Bootstrap and/or Foundation, as well as LESS and/or Sass
  • Love for clean, standards-compliant, well-tested, well patterned, code
  • Passion for software development, learning, and growing your craft
  • Experience interacting maturely with clients
  • Reference a cat or a breed of cat somewhere in your introductory email
  • Live in U.S./Canada


  • 5+ years in a professional development capacity
  • Experience implementing responsive frontend code
  • Familiarity with Craft CMS
  • Familiarity with TDD & PHPUnit
  • Familiarity with continuous integration
  • Experience developing RESTful APIs
  • Experience with modern front-end frameworks such as Ember, Angular, VueJS, Backbone, etc.
  • Experience with Vagrant, Continuous Delivery/Deployment, Linux admin, and server configuration
  • Experience with mobile app development and deployment

Why should you consider us?

We’re a small but growing company with a desire to do good things alongside our clients, write beautiful code, and solve problems creatively and effectively.

We are constantly learning and refining our techniques and processes, and we love to think deeply about code, technology, and experience. Each project is an opportunity for us to grow—as a team, as developers, as managers, as people.

We place a huge emphasis on people and relationships. We love our work, but we don’t think work should necessarily be “hard” or out of balance with the rest of our lives. We believe that doing things that bring us joy outside of the office makes us better workers, and better people.

We also believe in cultivating a lighthearted, jovial, and fun work environment. Since our entire team is geographically distributed, we go out of our way to create a positive work culture. We have a ridiculous amount of fun pasting absurd GIFs in our Slack chatroom, which is just one of the great software tools that allow us to recruit and retain people from all over the place.

We can say with great confidence that everyone on our team is a good, honest, and thoughtful person, and that’s something we’re proud of.


  • Remote work
  • Health/Dental/Vision insurance
  • 401K retirement plan with employer match
  • 3 weeks paid time off and paid holidays
  • Consistent and reasonable working hours
  • Desk, computer, chair, and whatever else you need for an effective, healthy work environment

Our Company

Tighten is a close-knit team of developers, product designers, and strategists headed by Dan Sheetz and Matt Stauffer. We are based in Chicago, but we have employees around the United States and Canada, all working remotely. Whatever development, strategy, or UX challenges a client faces, we help them pull it all together in intelligent, elegant, and enduring ways. We believe in staying humble, being good and good to each other, and enjoying our lives. In a nutshell, we strive to tighten everything we touch. Let’s do this.

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Live in U.S./Canada



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