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Software Development


2015-09-20 14:33



Moxie is looking for an Senior WordPress Developer to grow with our team. Our team is located all over the world and primarily consists of kick-ass developers and designers with a real passion for what they do. Our team is small but nimble which we find to be a positive rather than a negative. Responsibilities include taking a digital project from design to deployment (and hopefully to awards). You would have the backing and support of several front-end developers a mid-level WordPress developer as well as a senior designer. In addition our Producer / PM will handle all the client relations on projects.


We are located in the heart of NYC and would prefer a candidate that is able to work similar hours as us although this is not a requirement. Our local team is in the office between the hours of 10AM – 6PM EST. If you are local we have a desk with your name on it here.


  • You MUST love what you do.
  • Full LEMP Stack experience HTML / CSS / JS / PHP / NGINX / LINUX
  • Great communication skills in English (written and verbal)
  • Server and client side performance and optimization methods
  • Git based workflow using Local / Staging / Production development environments.
  • Complete understanding of responsive web design and how designs will be adapted for specific devices (including responsive grids).
  • A commitment for keeping your code clean, well organized, and DRY.
  • Expert knowledge of WordPress core, the WP Codex and the overall WP eco-system.
  • Ability to accept feedback and come up with creative solutions around that feedback.
  • Photoshop skills as they related to design
  • Ability to help and support co-workers and clients around projects.
  • Willingness and passion to learn new things, we strongly encourage and sponsor ongoing education. (We sponsor weekly open office hours where the team is encouraged to work on open source projects)

A bonus if you have....

  • Experience with Angular / SPA JS Frameworks
  • Knowledge of server side caching, Varnish specifically
  • Experience with JS based task runners such as Gulp and Node.js based plugins
  • Project Management experience
  • Comfort with command line tools
  • Open source WordPress plugins, themes or other OS projects.
  • Full Dev Stack for testing and QA for your work. We have an internal device kit where we perform tests, we also provide out team with access to our Browserstack account.


  • Freedom. You will be working with a team that understands design, we support our clients by providing great design. We support our team by enabling them to do what they do best.
  • Ability to work with big brands and have a real audience for your work. Among the list are Perrier, AOL, NetJets, Scion, Toyota to name a few.
  • Flexible work hours, we are concerned with getting things done not holding a schedule.
  • Ability to take time for yourself, as our culture we believe in rest. A recharge is what fuels creativity. We want to support you in taking the time for that fuel.
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