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Software Development


2013-06-04 12:03


Company Background

Modit is transforming games and apps into the next stage of the read-write web and empowering people of all backgrounds to share their creativity through interactive media. We are creating a web-based platform that allows users to modify the games/apps they play and instantly share those creations with the world, turning app users into app creators.

If that sounds ambitious, that’s because it is. Here are just of few of the problems we are working on:

  • Designing a UI/UX that unites gamers, artists, and professional developers to form a creative ecosystem that is far greater than the sum of its parts.
  • Pushing web design to its limits to make instantly-accessible, cross-platform applications the standard of the web.
  • Creating seed content with polished art, graphics and UI that will inspire users to become part of a self-sustaining content-generation engine.

Check out our brief overview presentation for more info on Modit and the team (note that the presentation is itself an app on our platform)

The Opportunity

Modit has released an early version of its beta product (check it out at mod.it), raised a significant amount of angel money and is looking to work with graphics/UI designers - on a contract and/or full-time employment basis - to implement a slick product design that will blow away our users at first sight. So if you share our ambition and want to help shape the technology that will make it happen, then join our team!

The founding team consists of four members who have leveraged their backgrounds in computer science, math and engineering from Harvard and Caltech to successfully build and scale multiple technology companies. We strongly believe that empowered people are the key to building a great company, and we are committed to cultivating a fun, collaborative, and productive work environment. Our development process focuses on iteratively improving our product as well as ourselves as individuals and as a team. As the first addition to our team, you will be shaping the company’s vision as well as working to make it a reality.


For our full-time employees, we will offer a significant equity compensation package, competitive salary, ability to work remotely, flexible working hours and vacation days, health and dental benefits, and a bunch of that other fun stuff that you would expect from a software start-up.

Skills and Qualities We Look For:

  • Experience designing responsive user interfaces for modern web applications
  • Attention to detail and ability to iterate quickly based on feedback
  • Creative problem solver and fast learner who continuously seeks to improve him/herself and their team
  • Entrepreneurial mindset with a passion for innovation
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