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Software Development


2015-09-16 20:57



GrantTree is a rapidly growing company that provides a financial boost to some of the UK’s most innovative companies, by helping them secure funding without losing equity. The company deals with R&D Tax Credits, as well as UK and EU innovation grant funding. Our mission is to support innovative companies continue to do what they best: innovate. We take on the bureaucratic burden to let them focus on what matters most to them.

GrantTree is an exciting and unique culture. We believe in complete transparency, which means that everyone knows how much everyone else is paid. We actively work to ensure secrecy doesn't build up anywhere. Our culture is based on mutual trust, and if you work with us you will be trusted, instead of being monitored, controlled and micromanaged. This trust enables responsibility, and if you come and join us you will be able to make decisions (including important ones that impact the whole business) right away via our advice process.

Another feature of our culture is that we don’t believe in limiting people’s contributions via “job specs”. If you join us, you will be expected to take on the responsibilities below, but you can get involved in pretty much anything else here that you have an interest in.

GrantTree, and this position, is remote work friendly - though you’ll need to demonstrate your ability to effectively manage your time and use appropriate communications tools.

Interested? You should be! It’s an awesome place to work, as you’ll find out from talking to our people during our interview process. In the meantime, you can read more about it here.

In this role you will initially focus on building tools that will help our team achieve great things! You will be working on projects that are important to our business, and you will gain insight into the world of government funded schemes. Your contributions will enable our clients, many of whom are interesting startups, to get the funding they need for their R&D. Your initial project is currently at the high-level wireframe stage, so you won’t be drowned in a million lines of legacy code.

Our development stack on projects is typically Python, Flask and AngularJS. Familiarity with a dialect of SQL is highly desirable. Ideally you should have a good working knowledge in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Git, and some Linux. We recognise that many experienced developers can pick up a new stack relatively quickly, so you don’t strictly need to know Python, Flask and AngularJS already, but in that case we’d be looking for someone with a very broad experience of web development frameworks and demonstrable ability to learn on the fly.

As in most small companies, everybody does a bit of everything. You’ll gain an understanding of how the government funded schemes work, and you’ll provide support to technical issues from other parts of the business. We are a hardworking but also fun-loving team who is passionate about what our clients do, and perhaps you’ll enjoy working with us and being part of the story.


  • Substantial development delivering commercial software projects as part of a team: we want you to be able to pick up this project and run with it without needing constant supervision
  • Excellent knowledge of Python
  • Familiarity with Flask and front-end design using Bootstrap or the proven ability to learn new development stacks very quickly.
  • Strong communication skills
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