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Software Development


2015-09-06 22:28


Your main focus will be on developing new features, building enhancements and supporting/maintaining our PHP5.6 (and getting ready for 7!) application within GitHub.

You'll work with HTML5/CSS3, appreciate a clean/simple UI and be all "OMG!!!1 RESTful JSON API, jQuery, handlebarise all the things!" and know what that means!

We work with some chunky MySQL databases, so profiling and optimising experience is essential.

You'll have a good understanding, and be able to take advantage of, the broader technologies we use and rely upon such as Vagrant/Puppet, Composer, Redis, LAMP/SSL, AWS S3, DNS, SSH /SFTP, PHPUnit and Behat.

We're big believers in "Done is better than Perfect", so when you come across code that isn't quite MVC and hasn't seen a unit test, you're still able to quickly carry on with the task at hand while concocting a cunning plan for improvement.

You'll join in with your fair share of evening/weekend on-call support for which you're paid extra on top of salary. This is only used for rare emergencies (2–3 times/year) but provides vital reassurance for our customers.

Work from home, or wherever you like really

We love working remotely, so above all, you need to be comfortable in that environment or be willing to try something new. This means you get to choose where you work, providing you're suitably drenched in wi-fi and in reach of Trello/Slack. We're all about the output, and trust you to do a great job wherever you are.

That said, a lot of the team live in Leicester so usually meet up in person every week or two with lunch on us, just because it's nice to do so. And we work closely with our customers, so it's likely you'll need to say hello to them in person a couple of times a year too.

With great power, comes great responsibility

Attention to detail, clear written skills and the ability to work in a team are essential.

Since we're not usually all in the same room, you absolutely must be able to communicate well, and share progress often. That doesn't mean we interrupt/distract each other though, as we're firm believers in being approachable through asynchronous working.

We'll expect you to be constantly learning and developing your skills, and to be fully involved in sprint planning, retros and daily scrums along with all the developers and our project manager.

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