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Software Development


2013-06-01 22:09



General Assembly is a venture-backed, NYC-based startup focusing on education for individuals and enterprises in the areas of technology, design, and entrepreneurship. We currently have physical classrooms in 8 cities across 4 continents, with tens of thousands of students coming through our doors.

Our stack is Ruby on Rails (with rspec, cucumber, VCR) plus Postgres, and the front-end is HTML / CSS / SASS with Javascript / jQuery / Foundation / Jasmine. Our designers prototype in code, mobile first. We're agile, but not in a dogmatic way - we believe in tight feedback loops between business, product, design, and engineering to maximize iteration and avoid wasting time building the wrong thing.

SEEKING Software Engineer

We're currently hiring for several engineering positions across all three dev teams: E-commerce, Retail Systems, and Online Education & Community. You would be part of a team consisting of 3-5 developers, a designer (who codes front-end), and a product manager.

Some example products:

  • Product recommendations via collaborative filtering can have a massive impact on conversion. A successful product would be built in a way that is maximally accurate and reusable in various contexts (email marketing, homepage widgets, upsell from other classes).
  • Discovery is important to get right as many of our visitors aren't sure of what they want or need. Many different products could help here: Recently Viewed Items, Search, a quiz-based "Personal Shopper", etc.
  • Site speed can have a huge impact on conversion, not to mention search engine rankings. There's a bunch that you can help us do to improve Javascript / Backbone.js performance as well as back-end Rails service performance.
  • We currently receive thousands of inquiries per month about the long-form courses we offer in 8 cities on 4 continents. A successful product would be used by dozens of course & admissions producers worldwide as well as regional directors and scale to thousands of leads per day.
  • The CEO and members of the senior management team need effective metrics dashboards to best make strategic decisions about the company. A successful product would calculate and update in real-time with predictive bands, and do so without affecting performance of production systems.
  • We currently have had tens of thousands of students come through our doors and over the next several years will grow that number to hundreds of thousands. A successful product would have an architecture that will scale with the growth of the company and correctly identifies which areas to be flexible and which to be explicitly structured.
  • Building a community online for our tens of thousands of students, alumni, and mentors can have a tremendous impact. A successful product will combine emotional design, smart product decisions, and a scalable architecture that can handle lots of concurrent transactions and lots of data.

We’re looking for:

  • An individual very comfortable doing full-stack development - we can throw you at anything and you can make it happen. Front-end, back-end, spinning up EC2 instances, etc.
  • An individual with fluency in SQL and building database driven software.
  • An individual with strong Javascript skills. Bonus points if you understand what it takes to optimize front-end performance.
  • An individual with deep knowledge of design patterns, systems engineering, algorithms, scalability, and the judgment to know when it matters and when not to over-engineer.
  • A collaborator who enjoys working on a team with other engineers, a designer, and a product manager to make something come to life.
  • A pragmatist who understands the tradeoffs one needs to make between features, performance, scalability, and time to market depending on the situation.
  • A customer-focused thinker who wants a say in what gets built and whose ideas come from starting with the customer and working backwards.

This is a full-time position in our offices in NYC or remote. We provide great pay and excellent benefits, including free iPhone 5 + monthly service, Mac laptop and Cinema Display. If you're interested in creating a new kind of education experience and helping people get a better job, send us your resume. Please include in your resume links to your GitHub, personal projects / website, or portfolio if you have them.

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