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Software Development


2015-09-03 07:00



From experience we know that design and development must be closely aligned for a project to succeed, and that every project will be more efficient with a tightly integrated team. As technology shifts and allows us to update our design process to be more efficient and streamlined we take advantage of it.

We don’t build websites, we design creative solutions using technology and design to solve our client’s issues and pain points. We implement design to make the world more beautiful as well as more functional, and we need you to help.

Our company culture:

  • We’re based in Santa Fe, NM but most of our team works remotely
  • We have flexible schedules as long as the work is getting done
  • If you have an idea to make your life better, or the rest of the team’s lives better, we’re all ears
  • If you just have good ideas, we’re all ears
  • We want you to be the best, at whatever it is you want to be the best at
  • We’re looking for front end developers to join us remotely, developing web sites and apps for great clients and on fun projects, the likes of which you can see here www.dsire.com

We see you handling the front end aspects of a project with our amazing team of designers and developers. The workload will sometimes be hectic, but the atmosphere is cheerful and positive. We want to put you in a position to write and deploy the best solutions that you can. Schedules are flexible as long as we are meeting our client’s needs.

We’re looking for intelligent people who have an eagerness to learn new things, and the communication skills to be able to explain them to humans including our project managers and clients. Daily we live on HipChat, InVisionapp.com and in Teamwork.com for internal communication and collaboration

As well as the technical knowledge, we need people who can figure things out by themselves but know when to ask for help. Cutting down and simplifying complex problems with interfaces which make them straightforward and usable.

The more pressing needs definitely require familiarity and comfort with PHP frameworks, Laravel and ImpressPages

If you’re interested please reply with some examples of your work and what specifically you were responsible for in developing the projects. Doesn’t need to be a long list - just choose the top 3 or 4 projects you are the most proud of, and anything else you think we should know. We do work remotely but it’s always nice to work with people in the same time zone and close to home.


You should probably know a bit about:

  • Architecting and developing complex JavaScript-powered applications
  • Working closely with backend developers and UX designers
  • Comfort applying themes to typical CMS' and frameworks like Drupal and Laravel
  • Enjoy semantically marked up HTML
  • CSS, including SASS
  • Git version control
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