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Customer Support


2015-08-25 22:29


Solve hard problems with a team of infrastructure pros

NSONE is based in New York City with offices in San Francisco and Singapore. We’re a world class team of internet infrastructure experts, working on deep solutions to real world traffic management problems, and operating a large global delivery infrastructure powered by bleeding edge technology.

Tight-knit, customer focused, driven by innovation

NSONE is not a sprawling, hierarchy addled behemoth. We are lean and fast, and there’s a tight loop among our entire team. We’re all about automation, intelligent distributed systems, and quick iteration.

The role

We’re looking for smart, creative folks who enjoy a healthy mix of hacking and helping. You’re the type of guy or gal who secretly likes the fact that you run tech support for your entire family/office/commune. You have experience running Linux-heavy distributed applications at scale, but you never forget the fact that a product is nothing without a legion of happy users.

NSONE already has an awesome product AND the best customers on the planet - now we need you to help us keep moving it forward. 75% of your job will be comprised of the front-line systems-y support-y stuff you’re a seasoned pro at, and 25% will be pre-sales customer interaction. In this role you’ll be switching out your Systems Engineer hardhat for a fashionable Sales Engineer cap, teaming up with our expert sales folks in order to get in front of prospective customers and show them why NSONE is so awesome.

By interacting with customers early in the sales cycle you’ll ensure a smooth transition from prospect, to customer, to champion. You’ll take advantage of your deep technical background, leverage your intimate knowledge of our world-class platform, and bring it all together in order to help some of the most interesting companies on the Internet solve challenging problems.

In this position, you should have broad knowledge of the plethora of technologies that comprise modern WEBSCALE applications and be able to offer constructive advice for customer implementation as well as internal improvements. You’ll take responsibility for front line support, and your daily work will have an immediate company-wide impact.

Some stuff you’ll work on:

  • Troubleshoot DNS problems in the context of larger, client-specific application topologies
  • Take advantage of our unique feature set to implement distinctive solutions to complex traffic routing problems for our customers
  • Touch, monitor, and improve NSONE’s various subsystems
  • Identify areas for improvements and offer constructive advice, both customer facing and internally
  • Work collaboratively with a team of rockstar engineers and great salespeople to improve the customer's experience and make life (ours and theirs) easier


We run a custom stack in one of the world’s most distributed topologies, with infrastructure in more than 20 markets around the globe. Some tools we’re currently using to tie it all together include:

  • Ansible
  • Redis
  • Linux
  • MongoDB
  • Vagrant
  • RabbitMQ
  • Python (Twisted)
  • Hadoop/HDFS/OpenTSDB
  • Grafana
  • BPF and packet analysis

Working @ NSONE

We’re a small, well funded startup with a casual work environment and strong work ethic. There’s a lot to do so we keep meetings and process to a minimum. We’re headquartered in NYC’s Financial District. We like to have fun, but skip most of the fancy startup gimmicks (fresh beer yes, gourmet chef and afternoon yoga no). We prefer candidates local to NYC or SFO, but will happily consider well qualified remote employees.

We offer:

  • competitive compensation (salary and stock options)
  • medical, dental, and vision
  • commuter benefits
  • 401k
  • flexible hours and time off

NSONE is an equal opportunity employer.

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