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Customer Support


2015-07-31 07:57


About Poll Everywhere

We make a popular app that lets audiences use their mobile phones to vote on questions - and have the results show up in the presentation instantly. It’s been described as magic, kind of like running your own American Idol in PowerPoint. You see us used on TV, in stadiums, schools, concerts, CEO presentations, and little Chloe's kindergarten Idol talent competition (it's thrilling) - wherever an audience can text or tweet. Our customers include Google, TED, McDonalds, Starbucks, and other assorted badasses large and small (like Chloe). We scare companies that make "Audience Response Systems" or "Clickers".

We are a healthy, profitable, organically-grown company. Curious what we do?

About the job

Real time audience response is a high stakes game. You have nervous presenters, stressed event planners, and the occasional television executive all who require clear, helpful advice. They also appreciate creative ideas for spicing up their presentation and enjoy a personality that matches our own quirky style.

We take helping our customers really seriously at Poll Everywhere. It’s one of the few things that stops all remote controlled helicopter flying in the office. Everyone from the engineers to the marketing folks rely on the support folks to channel the user - to know them, love them, and be their voice.

And while support would be your full time job, everyone does support. In fact, many times the CEO is the first to answer the phone. It's really important.

Enough about us. Let’s talk about you.

  • You genuinely enjoy making customers happy. It’s just part of your nature. You’re also comfortable with technology, really dig it, and take pride in helping people use it. You have a tailored resume, a completed bachelors degree with a decent GPA, and real life experience helping customers.
  • You have done technical customer support in the past but are looking for a new opportunity to spread your wings and take on challenges at a place where your opinions not only matter, but will help shape the product.You also have ideas.
  • We rely on support to not just fix the caller's issue, but to identify things we can build to make their life easier so they don't have to call. * Your enthusiasm gives you insight that ultimately makes us a better company.

We all do a little bit of everything - the beauty of start-ups - but you specifically will...

  • Provide email support. And help them. However. You. Can.
  • Respond to emails from our users with a blend of patience, wit, and crystal clear communication.
  • Collect cool stories of how people use us and help package them into material to teach new users.
  • Be an effective, compelling advocate with our teammates for what will make our users happy.
  • Notice ways to make your job easier and our customers' lives happier and make it happen. This might be a revised FAQ, a new product feature, a more intuitive interface, or clearer labelling on the PopTart and oatmeal shelf.
  • Use numbers. We really like data and expect you to be comfortable playing with some basic metrics like call volume, answer rates, and conversion.

We're based in San Francisco and would love for you to join us here. But we're also open to a remote working arrangement with someone who has demonstrated the ability to work productively on their own.

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