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2015-07-28 07:19


At Gitter we're growing a communication network for developers and people who create software. We are home to thousands of open source software communities and help private teams communicate better.

Our small team is rapidly growing and are looking for great people in any corner of the world to help us build a better product.

About the role

You'll take ownership of the Gitter cloud infrastructure with the goal of ever improving the manageability, measurability, reliability and performance of the system. As the system architect, you'll be working closely with developers from the outset of any work to define how to build software with your goals in mind.

Additionally, you'll oversee the project to distribute our infrastructure across multiple availability zones and regions, including sharding our MongoDB infrastructure.

Gitter's usage is growing exponentially and our communities require zero downtime and snappy performance to communicate. You'll need to predict and forecast the needs of the system and continually take away system bottlenecks before they become an issue.

Open Source

Not only does Gitter host tens-of-thousands of open source communities, but we're passionate about using, and contributing back to, open source projects. We've open sourced our IRC bridge, our desktop clients, many libraries and have plans to open source a great deal more of our code-base. Wherever possible, we reject Not-Built-Here syndrome in favour of using -- and improving through contributions -- existing open-source projects.

GitHub is not your CV, but the ideal candidate will have a demonstrable experience with contributing to open source through commits, pull-requests, issues or comments.

Interesting challenges

Our stack is based around node.js, express.js, MongoDB, Redis, Elasticsearch, Marionette.js, LESS, Faye running on Ubuntu Linux on AWS Cloud infrastructure, orchestrated with Ansible and it's evolving all the time with our product. There's also iOS and Android pieces built on a hybrid HTML/native model.

Although we're a small company, you'll be growing past the boundaries of current state of the art of technology as far as as you would be in almost any (non-research) startup out there. For example, we've worked with Amazon as we've been the first to discover and isolate some unique serious issues in Amazon Webservice's ELB.

You'll be working in an open environment, where everyone's ideas are equally welcome and all new features are brainstormed together by the whole team.

We're looking for people who are accomplished, but not arrogant; experienced but hungry to learn; perfectionists, but pragmatic; passionate, but personable; we're looking for balanced individuals.


You must have proven, real world experience with:

Managing Linux, BSD or Solaris cloud-based infrastructure Excellent command-line skills Kernel tuning and low-level unix-like diagnostic tools Continuous integration and deployment systems (we use Jenkins and Ansible) node.js services MongoDB, including sharding IT Automation tools, preferably Ansible Amazon WebServices, particularly EC2, ELB, VPC but also S3, Cloudfront, Cloudwatch Application Monitoring and Alerting (we use Datadog, monit and Pagerduty) Additionally, experience with the following technologies would be a bonus:

Containerisation and similar technologies (Docker, CoreOS, FreeBSD Jails, Ubuntu Core, etc) ChatOps (Hubot, etc)

Great users

Your role will be as a engineer, engineering software for software engineers. It's the ultimate dog-fooding and you will empathise with our users needs, frustrations and desires. In fact, Gitter was built using Gitter from day one.

Remote working

We have a great little office in London, but wherever you are most comfortable working, that's fine by us. If you do happen to come into the office, we get Graze snacks sent in every week and work just around the corner from one of London's best street-food markets, Whitecross Street Market, where we get our lunch together almost every day.

We will always be flexible on hours and if you have a family, we understand that they will always be your number one priority.

Stock Plan

We have a generous employee stock plan - and have allocated 20% of our shares to the employee pool (most startups are closer to 10-15%).

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