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2015-07-23 07:42


The Opportunity

Intercom was founded by designers with a deep understanding and strong opinions on how to build a product that people will love. Intercom is one of the fastest growing SaaS companies in the world. We are on a mission to forever change how Internet businesses and customers interact, making dealing with these businesses as good an experience as the best offline experiences, moving towards communication that is more personal, relevant, and human. Only three years into that journey, we’re looking for someone who can transform a product that’s functionally beautiful into one that’s also visually beautiful. For the right person, this is a career defining opportunity.

We need someone who’s passionate, talented, opinionated and humble, and who is capable of complimenting our deep product design sensibilities by taking the aesthetic direction of Intercom to new levels. More than simple UI design, we want to build a coherent multi-platform design framework for Intercom that looks and feels great.

You will work as part of our product team, alongside a group of designers and developers who previously worked at companies including Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon, and others. You will be responsible for developing modern, functional, scalable, sophisticated visual systems that will be applied to our web, iOS, and Android apps. You will develop a deep understanding of our fast-growing and passionate user base which includes many of our most influential industry peers. You will be responsible for the visual language, style, and success of one of the world’s fastest-growing design-focused startups.

Location is flexible; the successful candidate will work with the product and engineering team in Dublin.


We’re looking for someone who ticks the following boxes:

Excellent aesthetic sense

Understands and is able to execute modern, contemporary visual design for software. Cares deeply about the fundamentals of layout, typography, colour, and motion and how they combine to form an overall experience. Capable of exploring a range of aesthetic approaches, from sketchbook to screen. Possesses opinions, taste, and style. Portfolio of work essential.

Superior design knowledge

Understands the full design stack for software, including product design, how modular software is built, how product designers work. Capable of designing scalable visual systems, not just one-off mockups. Cares about how the overall visual system works, not just single pages or screens.

Clear communication

Able to communicate with product designers, front end engineers, product management. Able to describe and present design work effectively. Example of written pieces, e.g. a blog, would be a bonus.

Industry experience

Must have a mature outlook on how software gets designed and built, the ability to weigh decisions and make trade-offs. Has experience developing and executing multi-platform design systems. Experience working in a well respected software company.


Focused. Independent. Humble. Fun. Ambitious. Opinionated. Open. Passionate.

Ideally you:

  • Carry a sketchbook, take photos, and constantly collect and explore visual ideas.
  • Obsess over the aesthetics and design details of apps, products, media, and brands.
  • Are exacting and detail-oriented in your implementation of polished UI designs (e.g. using Sketch, Photoshop, Illustrator)
  • Are capable of expressing your ideas via prototypes (e.g. Framer, Quartz Composer)
  • Have a solid command of the role of animation and transitions in design, and are capable of producing high quality animations (e.g. After Effects)
  • Are technically-minded, can communicate well with engineers, and understand basic coding (e.g. HTML/CSS, Javascript)
  • Have experience writing and presenting on design-related topics.
  • If some of these bullet points don’t describe you, that’s okay too. More than anything we’re looking for a rounded, interesting, and unique designer who can make their own special mark on the future of Intercom.

N.B Please be sure to include a link to your portfolio with your application

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