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Software Development


2015-07-22 07:46


We are a team of distributed software developers focusing on exciting challenges of voice, video and text: real-time communications. We are Mojo Lingo: Voice Applications that Work Like Magic.

At Mojo Lingo, the focus of everything we do is communications. Communications underlie everything humans do: every new idea that spread, every magnificent cathedral built, every successful revolution happened because the team behind it communicated effectively. Our mission is to bring seamless, contextual, powerful communications to the world.

We are seeking an experienced Web Front End Developer to join our team creating these applications. As a remote position, you will be largely autonomous, and depend on instant messaging and screen sharing for collaboration. In particular, we’re looking for someone who is a strong problem-solver and relishes a challenge in wrangling ambitious features and vanquishing complex bugs. Each person on our team is empowered to make decisions and enjoys great latitude in choosing the right tools and method for the job.

When we say “Front End” we are primarily looking for someone who can use the great power of JavaScript and Ruby on Rails to create interactive and ultimately usable web applications. The skills we think you’ll need the most are JavaScript (experience with frameworks like React, Angular, Ember or similar is required, but we’re looking for someone who is flexible), as well as experience delivering applications with Ruby on Rails. Obviously you should also be strong with HTML and CSS. If you’re not a great designer, not to worry. We’re more concerned about someone who can deliver the function over the form.

From the beginning we have been a distributed team, with headquarters in Atlanta, but our team members are located around North America, South America, and Europe. We build tools that enable people to communicate fluidly across a wide range of devices, technologies and physical spaces. We are known as application developers and often use technology like speech recognition, text-to-speech, Voice over IP (telephony and non-telephony), instant messaging/text chat and everything to do with the Web.

If you enjoy delighting people by making computers do unexpected things, all while solving complex, technical challenges in a unique industry, come join us!

Summary Requirements

Front End Developer - Rails & JavaScript

Must Haves - Soft Skills:

  • Curiosity and aptitude for learning complex systems
  • Excellent communication skills - since this is remote work, strong communication by phone/IM/email is critical
  • A commitment to deliver quality work on time
  • Mid-level developer with history of successful projects

Must Haves - Technical Skills:

  • 2-5 years relevant experience
  • Experience developing web applications with Rails
  • Experience developing Single-Page Applications and other complex JavaScript-powered interactions
  • Strong understanding of HTML & CSS
  • Experience with Bootstrap and jQuery
  • Experience with at least one front-end JavaScript framework: React, Angular, Ember
  • Strong grasp of software engineering fundamentals

Nice-to-Have - Bonus Skills:

  • Experience with WebRTC
  • Experience with XMPP or other instant messaging systems
  • Experience with multiple JS frameworks
  • Basic design abilities

Duties and Responsibilities

Drive development of important, customer-facing projects

  • Work on stories as described in our agile project management tool (Pivotal Tracker or Sprintly)
  • Join our daily standup calls to report status to the team
  • Take feedback from testers and users to identify and resolve application problems
  • Make recommendations on additional features or functionality
  • Diagnose failures in staging and production environments, understand the underlying issues, and resolve them
  • Maintain knowledge of JavaScript & Rails developer tools and best practices
  • Communicate with clients to understand requirements and report regularly on progress
  • Be self-sufficient delivering assigned tasks - we work as a team, but we expect the members of that team to pull their own weight and contribute independently


This is some of the technology we use on projects with our clients. Not every project uses every technology, but we get to apply a diverse range of technology to solve the problems.

  • Version control: Git (Github)
  • Web backend: Rails
  • Web frontend: jQuery, Bootstrap, Candy
  • Asynchronous workers: Resque, Sidekiq
  • Development project management: Pivotal Tracker
  • Database: MySQL, PostgreSQL, Redis, LDAP, ElasticSearch
  • Telephony: Adhearsion, Asterisk, FreeSWITCH
  • Messaging & PubSub: XMPP (ejabberd), Redis

Education and Experience

  • 2-5 years of relevant industry experience, majority with Ruby
  • Proven track record of delivering projects
  • Experience working on small teams preferred


Live wherever you like! This is a remote position. Of course, if you happen to be in the Atlanta area, you’re welcome to work out of our offices downtown. If you’re not in Atlanta, please be within 5 hours of US Eastern Timezone.

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If you’re not in Atlanta, please be within 5 hours of US Eastern Timezone.

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