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Software Development


2015-07-15 20:51


At OmniTI, we have always been fans of using great tools and technology to accomplish the technical goals before us. When those tools didn't exist, we would either extend existing tools or build new ones. Over the past 15 years, we've established a track record as a world class engineering firm, with a proven history of working within various Open Source communities. It is with this mindset that we are launching a new open source project to help improve the state of systems management, bringing some of the best technologies together to help make these systems easier and more stable to run.

As a Linux Kernel Engineer, you'll primarily work with this team to help bootstrap a custom Linux distribution that will work alongside a set of purposefully designed management services. You'll work with a wide mix of different technologists, helping to create this new ecosystem. Our core focus at this time is improving the state of containers on Linux, including both security and management.


  • Expert level command of C
  • Expert knowledge of the Linux kernel, including cgroups and namespaces
  • Familiarity with systemd, and KVM, OpenVZ or similar solutions
  • Ability to play nicely with others and work independently
  • Intelligence with a sense of humor


  • Knowledge of file system development, particularly ZFS
  • Familiar with automated build tools and continuous delivery
  • Experience developing Open Source code, in public (github, sourceforge)

If you contribute to an open source project, have a blog, or are involved in technology in some other way, we would love to hear about it when you write! We especially appreciate links to your Github or StackOverflow profiles.

At OmniTI we believe in diversity as a core asset. From the tools we use to the technologies we choose to the people we work with, diversity in approach has always lead us to better success. We take pride in the diversity of our staff, and seek diversity in our applicants.

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