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Software Development


2015-07-13 06:06


We’re seeking an awesome person to join our distributed seven-person team as a Front-end Developer.

The core responsibility for this position will be building and styling web sites and applications for our non-profit and small business clients. This position will be responsible for things like coding HTML, CSS, and JS for custom websites, styling custom and prebuilt WordPress and Drupal themes, and using javascript (especially jQuery) wizardry to make web applications work for our clients.

Our ideal candidate is a hard-working, curious self-starter comfortable working independently with little supervision, but also able to work as part of a team that includes developers and non-developers. Since we’re a distributed shop, you’ll get to work from home, so we’d love it if you have previous experience working as part of a remote team.

In a nutshell, we need people who can take static designs (typically PSDs) combined with written functional requirements/specifications and turn them into top-notch CMS-powered websites. That means the things we’re looking for include:

  • Strong knowledge of HTML5 markup and CSS3
  • Amazing JavaScript skills (particularly in jQuery)
  • CSS for cross-browser, responsive design. Style ALL THE THINGS! (though typically nothing before IE9)
  • Experience with WordPress and Drupal theming
  • Familiarity with current (and evolving) best practices in front-end dev for semantics, performance, cross-browser consistency, etc.
  • Ability to laugh at our stupid jokes (and the occasional good one)
  • Familiarity with CSS preprocessors & libraries (particularly sass+compass)
  • Basic familiarity with various tools and libraries such as git, grunt, and susy
  • Won’t lose your s#!% if you occasionally get feedback like “can we make the logo bigger?” or “change the padding by 1px,” which may happen despite our best efforts
  • Willingness to work in a fast-paced environment (think of an Aaron Sorkin TV show)
  • A passion for progressive causes
  • Ability to “put yourself in someone else’s shoes” by thinking about the client’s and client’s customers’ use cases
  • Ability to review a static design and anticipate questions, problems and issues with responsive/interactive elements that may not have been fully considered

Other stuff we’d love it if you’re good at, but aren’t requirements:

  • Photoshop and designing for the web
  • Working knowledge of tools such as Salsa, Convio, and NationBuilder
  • Ability to quickly find topical animated GIFs for our team amusement
  • PHP skills, particularly w/r/t modules/plugins for WordPress and Drupal
  • Wireframing and UX planning/testing
  • Super-fancy HTML5 JavaScript APIs and whatnot
  • Making obtuse geek-culture references
  • Remembering to un-mute yourself before talking on conference calls
  • Basic Linux commands and sysadmin

Note that we don’t expect you to be good at all of the stuff on this second list; if you are, then you’re probably either a superior artificial intelligence robot sent from the future or overstating how good you are at some of this stuff.

Cornershop Creative is a award-winning boutique online services agency committed to listening carefully to our non-profit and small business clients and helping them achieve their goals online. Our designs are beautiful, our websites are creative and innovative, and our copywriting and campaign planning are rock solid. Learn more about us at https://cornershopcreative.com/.

Cornershop is an equal opportunity employer. We are only seeking applications from individuals. Please do not contact us if you are a firm.

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