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System Administration


2015-07-03 11:28


DreamHost is looking to bring on an Engineer that will focus exclusively on web performance and the ability to improve our technical stack, both for end-users and internally.

Your job, if you choose to accept, is to help improve and increase performance for all aspects of DreamHost’s technical stack. From end-user web performance to kernel tuning, your role will be to help provide consistent performance oriented solutions to every aspect of the DreamHost infrastructure.

What’s a normal day look like?! Lemme tell you. You may be asked to investigate why a function in Apache is loading resources slowly, or to design a cluster caching architecture, or deep dive into some WordPress code to see why a theme is performing poorly. Full stack analysis is the name of the game and that is where you come in!


  • Work with Development, Systems, and Network Engineering teams to identify and resolve performance related issues.
  • Build performance test frameworks and tools, and execute tests to draw out actionable data.
  • Design and implement improvements to infrastructure and software based on analysis of test results.
  • Delve deeply into the LAMP stack to uncover poor performance at each layer.

Core Technologies in use at DreamHost

  • Apache
  • Nginx
  • FastCGI
  • WSGI
  • Passenger
  • Memcache
  • NodeJS
  • Ruby on Rails
  • Squid
  • HHVM

Required Skills

  • Ability to manage both infrastructure and application tuning processes.
  • Proficient with Varnish, and knowledge of Apache or Nginx.
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills.
  • Strong understanding of CPU utilization, memory, throughput and latency.
  • Demonstrated ability with refactoring code.
  • Knowledge of web protocols, networking and Linux systems.
  • Knowledge of the Linux kernel.
  • SQL or R skills for data mining.
  • PHP, Perl, Python programming experience is a big plus.

Required Experience

  • Prior experience in a Performance Engineering role in a large scale environment.
  • A minimum of 3 years with test automation.
  • Experience with operating system monitoring and tuning.
  • Experience with WordPress, Drupal, Joomla or other CMS is a plus.
  • B.S. in Computer Science/Engineering, or equivalent experience.

*It is DreamHost policy to provide equal employment opportunities to all employees and employment applicants.

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