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Software Development


2015-07-03 11:19



Let’s just cut right to the chase. This job is for you if

  • you’re passionate about the idea of helping churches solve ministry problems through data and intelligence in a way that truly impacts the lives of the people they (we!) serve;
  • solving these ministry problems with JavaScript (browser and Node.js), Elasticsearch, and Redis in a distributed, service-oriented architecture is firmly in your wheelhouse;
  • you thrive working remotely (if not, we also have an office in San Diego).

Is your head nodding in agreement as you’re reading this? Please, keep reading!

What We’re Building

Here at MonkDev, we’ve spent nearly ten years building Ekklesia 360 into a platform that’s now used by thousands of churches across the globe. It’s likely that you’ve visited a church website powered by us, such as The Village Church or Eagle Brook Church.

As you can imagine, this provides us with access to a lot of data. But it’s data that churches have no idea how to interpret and apply. In fact, most churches still rely on giving and attendance numbers to make ministry decisions. Not that those are necessarily bad metrics, but consider how rudimentary they are compared to the tools available to sales/marketing or even us in the product/engineering world.

We want to change that. By tapping into the data to provide intelligent, actionable metrics, we believe we can truly help churches make better ministry decisions.

So, that’s what we’ve begun building, and we need your help to further the vision!


  • A passion for helping the church and its members. All of us at MonkDev feel incredibly blessed to serve a market we care so deeply about and get to nerd out with code and technology. It’s a special combination that’s not easily found. Be sure to read more about us and see our lovely faces.
  • Real-world experience shipping stuff using JavaScript (browser and Node.js), Elasticsearch, and Redis in a distributed, service-oriented architecture. We’re a very small team, so chances are you’ll touch just about everything up-and-down our stack. To be clear though, it’s heavier server-side than front-end. This is not a job for strictly front-end JavaScript developers.
  • Curiosity and drive to be learning continuously. We’re looking for pretty specific skills here and now (the ones listed above), but that doesn’t mean they’ll always be the right tools for the job. Maybe we’ll decide that Elixir or InfluxDB is better suited for the problem down the road. The only way we’ll know is by staying curious.
  • The ability to collaborate and communicate in a remote environment. While part of the team is centralized in San Diego, a number of us are scattered throughout the US working from homes, coffee shops, and co-working spaces. Slack and Google Hangout are our dear friends.
  • Care for writing simple, clean, and beautiful code. Code is craft. However you like to word it, we’re looking for excellence and attention to detail. Yet, it’s balanced with a desire to ship early and often, and not two years later when every line is perfect and fully tested. (It’s a hard balance, don’t get us perfectionists wrong.)
  • An eye and appreciation for good design and user experience. We want to build a product that delights, and we believe that starts within the culture of the Engineering team.
  • BONUS: Experience with PHP, Ruby/Rails, and MySQL/PostgreSQL. We use these in other parts of Ekklesia 360, so it only helps us as a team if you can jump in and get familiar quickly.


  • Competitive salary
  • Health, dental, vision and life insurance
  • 401(k) matching options
  • Flexible Spending Account (FSA/Section 125)
  • Premium Only Plan for pre-tax deduction of eligible benefits
  • Comprehensive employee assistance program (counseling and advice on legal, financial, and personal matters)
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