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Software Development


2015-06-23 14:16


Maximize Your Growth

You deserve an environment where you can spend focused time working on challenging problems and receiving feedback on your work. That's how skills are acquired and that's exactly what our engineering team is designed to do. We understand the benefit of focused, distraction-free time with the best available tools. We understand the importance of feedback via 100% code review, open source contributions, conferences, user testing and the most important feedback: users who care.

We're a self-funding, rapidly-growing company (>50% last year) with a product our customers love. (>99% renewal rate with customers across 44 states).

Help Us Collaborate Towards Awesome

In this role as our 5th engineer, an experienced software engineering generalist, you will be a critical part of our engineering team. You will spend time on all aspects related to delivering a great web application to our users. We're a small team, so you'll sometimes be asked to wear hats ranging from user experience design to algorithms and libraries to front-end engineering.

Our Development Culture

Our current technology stack and toolkit is focused around Django, Python, Javascript, Ubuntu, AWS, Github, Vagrant and Trello. We use TDD, 100% code review, pair programming and Kanban to manage our development process. We're exploring tools and techniques like Docker and Flux. We really enjoy building things for people, so we deploy to production multiple times per day (~500 times in 2014). We're committed to contributing back to open source as both the right thing to do and the best way to do business.

We get excited about continual process improvement and helping each other become better engineers.

Totally Strict Job Requirements

There are none! But The Perfect Candidateā„¢ will have:

  • Experience building real web applications for real people using a web framework like Django or Rails
  • A working knowledge and enjoyment of usability and UX design
  • A passion for the craft of creating beautiful code
  • An understanding of the trade-offs involved with TDD and pairing
  • A GitHub profile with lots of code and experience contributing to open source projects
  • An innate hunger for information on the web, software engineering, and entrepreneurship

About PolicyStat

We welcome candidates of all genders, creeds, races and sexual orientations!

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