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Software Development


2015-06-22 21:37


Do you:

  • Love writing clean, solid code that's easy to maintain?
  • Enjoy flexing your full-stack muscles by working with a great UX/UI designer on a beautiful site that millions of consumers will use?
  • Crave working on a small, fast-paced team that hates unproductive meetings and “office politics”?
  • Believe you are a truly expert RoR developer who knows how to use Bootstrap to deliver a site that scales from an iPhone 5 to a Retina display?

If you answered “yes!” to these questions, then this is the job for you.

A little about us:

  • We are a fully-funded, stealth-mode startup in NYC. Our current corporate site is intentionally an ugly Google form.
  • Our small product team (product lead, UX/UI designer, and 1.5 RoR full-stack developers) has built a fully-responsive Rails/Postgres/HAML/SASS/Bootstrap site (with some React thrown in).
  • We’re about to launch our MVP, and have a full backlog of great features to add, so we want to add one more great developer to the team.

You need to be:

  • Very comfortable both with backend data structures and application logic, as well as front-end Javascript, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, HAML, SASS and (hopefully) React.
  • The kind of person who loves to code, who takes great pride in clean, well-documented code, and who wants to be involved end-to-end (from architecture discussions, through design trade-offs, through nailing every final bug).
  • Great at collaborating and communicating within a small, fast-paced team where everyone carries his or her own weight.
  • Comfortable with low-overhead process (Slack and Trello) and believe in TDD.

We're looking for one person who is available ~40-60 hours weekly on a regular schedule. There is a lot to learn, with a fair amount of coordination, so we don't want to constantly bring new people up to speed. Given the hours involved, this will likely be your only project (and certainly feel that way to us). We can hire you as a freelancer or employee.

You can be located anywhere, but must overlap with NYC for at least 4 hours daily. You must have strong English writing and speaking skills, though your English doesn't have to be fluent.

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You can be located anywhere, but must overlap with NYC for at least 4 hours daily.

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