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2015-06-20 18:09


Who We Are

We design and build custom websites for companies, colleges, publications, and organizations all across the Midwest. We put a great deal of thought and effort into each website that we make, ensuring that they are easy to use, and easy to find. We believe in thoughtful user experiences, detail-oriented designs and impeccably clean code. So should you. If you enjoy solving big problems, working in small teams and growing yourself as a web professional – then we want to talk to you.

What You’ll be Doing

You should have an insatiable appetite for learning new things and improving upon existing ones. Typically, you’ll find yourself working on a variety of web-related projects and informing our clients (directly) on elegant solutions that will fix their design problems.

Teamwork is very important to us. Getting your work done on time and with the highest of quality standards is essential so that we all succeed.

We expect you to rise to challenges you haven’t faced before and be comfortable asking for help when you really need it. You should also be able to accept constructive criticism from us and the client, since we’re very big on collaboration.

If you’re the right one for us, then you pay attention to the tiniest of details, meet your milestones and take great pride in your design work.

Practical Requirements

We’re not looking for a rock star / lone wolf designer. We’re very much a team oriented design company, so the ability to work in such a setting is crucial to your success here.

Technology wise, you should feel very comfortable working with Photoshop, Illustrator and have a working knowledge for how HTML/CSS functions. Understanding the web as a medium is very important because the designs you will create need to work seamlessly within the browser. You must be able to understand and design specifically for this medium. Period.

The interfaces you’ll be designing need to have a modern touch (in terms of best practices in usable, accessible layouts). You’ll work closely with our design team to ensure you integrate content as intentional design elements to the user interface (headings, captions, copy, photos, video, etc). You’ll also be working with our front-end development team to ensure that what you’re proposing as a design solution is technically possible.

Bottom line: if you value design sensibilities over design trends, you’ll have no problem fitting in at UG.

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