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Software Development


2015-06-10 07:19


We are looking for a full-stack engineer to join our stellar engineering team and help us bring our offering to the next level. Findify is an intelligent, on-site search engine for online stores, and we’re making search smarter. We are using machine learning and big data to provide accurate & relevant search results. By improving product findability, end-consumers can find what they’re looking for, and we can help online merchants increase their revenue between 10-30%.

We are an international startup, based out of Stockholm, Paris and Frankfurt. We work following the agile methodology, which means we deliver fast, continuously iterate, and encourage rapid response to change. We place a lot of importance on team dynamics and have a very transparent organization bound by openness, accountability and trust. We are a team of ambitious people who are passionate about our domains; we work hard, ship products and have fun while doing it.

Read more about Findify, our team and our offering, at findify.io.

Our engineering environment

The tech stack:

Our backend is written mostly in Scala and Node.js. We’re using Node.js as a web framework to interact with our customers. Scala is used for processing data and powering our machine learning algorithms. We’re making an extensive use of Amazon Web Services (AWS) by using the appropriate services for each architecture component. In addition to Scala and Node.js, we’re also using Ruby and Python for scripting related operations.

Development culture:

We are a small team that moves fast and iterates. We do weekly sprints, code reviews, testing, and once your code is submitted it gets pushed to production through our continuous deployment infrastructure (Jenkins). We put a lot of emphasis on code style, cleanliness and robustness. You will get to work with amazing engineers specializing in machine learning and distributed systems.

As an early engineer in a small team, you will have great impact on our product and our team - it's going to be an exciting ride!


The most important thing we are looking for in a candidate is proven passion for programming and for problem solving: a Github/Stackoverflow account, an interesting project you can share or a blog you write will go a long way. We are open to either co-located or remote working.

It’s really important to us that you have the ability to adapt to the company’s work processes using the agile-scrum methodology, and using tools such as Trello and Slack. Not only because of our remote working culture, but even more so because of this, you need to be really awesome at communicating, and to be organized and self-driven.

The basics:

  • Javascript
  • CSS3 (+ HTML5 + media queries)
  • Scala, Java or Node.js
  • PostgreSQL or other SQL language
  • Familiarity with Linux /Unix
  • Git
  • Understanding of HTTP

Beyond the basics (what would really impress us):

  • Python scripting
  • Experience with AWS
  • SASS or LESS
  • Bootstrap or Foundation
  • D3.js or similar
  • Interesting project on Github
  • Experience in data-mining or machine learning
  • Experience in working for both big companies and small startups (which gives you a balanced perspective of the trade-offs when making important decisions)
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+/- 2 hours from GMT+2 (we are currently in Stockholm, Paris and Frankfurt)

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