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System Administration


2015-06-03 12:01


FormAssembly is looking for an Infrastructure-Operations Engineer to help support and improve our environments that provide FormAssembly to our customers. To succeed, you'll need solid Linux skills, experience with PHP-based application stacks (such as nginx and php-fpm, httpd and mod_php), a comfort investigating any problem and asking for help when needed, and the ability to identify and anticipate potential problems.


You'll be part of a team responsible for delivering FormAssembly reliably, securely, and with minimal delay. As a member of the team, you would be expected to:

  • Collaborate on planning, designing, and deploying technology and resources within the FormAssembly environments.
  • Maintenance of our FormAssembly infrastructure environments by participating in day-to-day system administration and helping scale our existing services to support our capacity needs.
  • Monitor servers and services within FormAssembly, including performance monitoring, reliability monitoring.
  • Write, maintain, expand components of our Infrastructure, including puppet manifests, shell scripts, and other tooling.
  • Troubleshoot issues and outages, including participation in an on-call rotation.



  • You work well within a team environment. You can set aside personal preferences for the benefit of the team. You feel comfortable asking for help when needed, and giving help when asked.
  • Experience working remote or with a remote team. Members of our team are frequently remote, and so you should understand and appreciate the benefits and tradeoffs of working remote.
  • Ability to work independently. You should be independent and capable of discovering and understanding solutions to problems. You are curious.
  • Ability to communicate clearly. You will be writing documentation, participating in issue tracking, and troubleshooting, so it is important you possess clear communication skills.
  • Experience in designing, deploying, and supporting Linux installations, including virtualized hosts.
  • Knowledge of automation on Linux, OS X, or Windows hosts or experience with configuration management tools. vScripting knowledge using Python or shell.
  • Experience with nginx and Apache in PHP deployments.
  • Experience with MySQL.


  • Experience with Puppet using role-profiles, and Hiera.
  • Experience with Windows Server, including IIS and SQL Server.
  • Monitoring experience, whether its log monitoring using Logstash-Elasticsearch, graph-based monitoring using Ganglia, host-resource monitoring using Nagios, or Icinga.
  • Backup management experience, such as using tools like Bacula or Amanda.
  • Advanced experience using LVM or filesystems such as ZFS.
  • Experience with PHP.
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