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Software Development


2015-06-02 07:17


Highrise is looking for a full-time software engineer (or a freelancer looking for a possible full-time position) to help with all manner of fun jobs and deep programming challenges. Highrise is a fairly typical Ruby and Rails web app, created by the people who created Ruby on Rails :) - but there are a ton of opportunities to use Rails/Ruby/Javascript/Go/React/whatever the right tool for the job is as we scale and improve.

We need people with diverse skillsets who are interested in a variety of challenges. You won't just be writing Javascript all day. You'll have an opportunity to do quite a bit. But if your skills lean towards front-end development or back-end development, we need it all. Please get in touch and let's get to know each other.

More about us:

Highrise is a super simple CRM tool, built by 37signals/Basecamp and launched on March 20, 2007. It's grown to become a multi-million dollar business with a strong, loyal customer base. In August 2014, Highrise left the nest, and was spun-off as its own company - a very welcome change for Highrise users, as our users now have their own dedicated development and support team.

"@highrise - Loving the new iPhone app. Nice work!!" -@DarrenSproats

"Very impressed with all the activity out of @Highrise lately." -@DUQE

Highrise, in many ways, feels like a startup. We have a brand new team exploring new ideas with total freedom to build the things we think are best. Except, we also already have significant revenue and users eager for the things we're working on. There is no "runway". No risk of not getting our next round of venture funding. It's a profitable business, and all we care about is making better products.

Our current team:

Nathan Kontny, CEO Software engineer and designer for 15 years. Began an entrepreneurial career with two Y Combinator backed startups: Inkling (http://inklingmarkets.com) in 2005 and Draft (http://draftin.com) in 2011. Also was an engineer on President Obama's re-election campaign. One of the best ways to get to know me is my writing on Signal V. Noise and Ninjas and Robots.

Michael Dwan, CTO I met Michael in 2011 when we were in Y Combinator together. He was the engineer behind creating an awesome photo application called Snapjoy. Great guy and wickedly smart. We hit it off immediately. Snapjoy was quickly acquired by Dropbox, and you’ll see his handiwork all over what Dropbox has done with Carousel and photo storage.

Wren Lanier, Lead UI/UX Designer After a small test project for one week, I knew I wanted to work with her full time. She’s quickly improved and refreshed many areas of Highrise, including a beautiful redesign of the homepage. You should catch one of the talks she’s giving at a design conference soon.

Chris Gallo, Head of Customer Support You’ll hear from Chris if you need help with Highrise. Chris got my attention when out of nowhere he started doing customer support for a software project of mine when I hadn’t even hired him to do so. Then he sent me a job application, when I wasn’t even looking yet, using my very own software to create the application. Chris knows how to communicate and how to help. He’s been an incredible asset to Highrise.

What you'll be doing:

We are furiously improving an already well-used application. We believe in the power of momentum and want small, impactful projects out quickly. A lot of people are going to see and use your work. You can see how fast we develop by the number of things we've gotten done since we've taken over:


Not only will you have your hand in improving an app a lot of people use, we have a ton of new projects on deck: new iOS apps, natural language processing, machine learning, new hosting infrastructures. Highrise is a big sandbox to play in with employees and users who would love your help.


Anywhere. Highrise is headquartered in Chicago, but we all work remotely. Work from wherever you are comfortable.

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