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Customer Support


2015-05-29 06:48


Loco2's mission is to make booking a train as easy as possible. We do this by building great software, and by offering exceptional customer support when issues arise.

We sell lots of train tickets to delighted travellers from around the world. About half of our team is based in London (which is where we have a small office) but lots of our team work remotely.

About you

  • You're based in a European timezone and are able to work UK hours.
  • You don't have a problem working regular weekends (taking time off during the week).
  • You have excellent written communication skills. You are extremely pedantic about spelling and grammar, but remain an affable human being nonetheless.
  • You love identifying and solving tricky problems on your own initiative, but you're not too proud to ask for help when needed.
  • You're passionate about delivering an outstanding user experience. When something's not right, you don't shut up until it's fixed.
  • You're patient and empathetic with others, especially if they're not as technology-literate as you (or even if they're just having a bad day).
  • You have a burning passion for trains, and have posters of your favourite trains on your wall (or at least you would if you were sure that society wouldn't judge you for it).
  • You can work independently and contentedly, using appropriate online communication technologies to actively contribute to team conversations.

What the job involves

  • Learning the intimate details of Loco2's product to understand how it is evolving.
  • Becoming familiar with the array of different ticket types offered in each European country, including validity and refund/exchange conditions.
  • Using Helpscout to reply to customer service queries by email.
  • Troubleshooting non-bookable trains and understanding the relationship between timetable data and price/ticket data.
  • Cultivating a strong knowledge about European train networks in order to impart expert advice to customers.
  • Suggesting improvements to the Loco2 product and user experience so that customers are delighted, impressed, and left with a warm glowing feeling...

Application Info

Send your CV and a covering email including the following information:

  • A few paragraphs about why you want the job.
  • Details of where you are based (please don't apply if you're not in a European timezone) and your working environment.
  • What you think about working regular weekends.

If we like what we read we'll send you a few tasks to complete, and following we'll then conduct Skype interviews with a shortlist of successful candidates.

The deadline for applications is Monday June 22nd.

Application Info

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You're based in a European timezone and are able to work UK hours.

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