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Customer Support


2015-05-14 20:21


Travis CI is looking for a support engineer to manage our frontline support and help our customers.

Support engineers help our customers with both our hosted platforms for open source and private projects, and our Travis CI Enterprise product, which our customers install and run on their own infrastructure.

Our support requests involve build problems across multiple programming languages and build environments, with solutions oftentimes focusing on technical problems with programming languages, build tooling and their ecosystems.

The role of a customer support engineer in our team also includes reviewing support tickets, feedback requests and GitHub issues regularly to help us improve our product and our documentation.

Our main office is in Berlin and we have customers and a team spread across the globe. We're looking for support engineers to cover either the EU or US timezones.

Travis CI seeks to increase the ratio of women in software engineering and development, and we encourage women and people from underrepresented groups to apply for this position.

Travis CI is striving to be a diverse team, made of and built by people with different backgrounds and lifestyles. We don't discriminate based on race, gender, sexual orientation, marital status, disability, age, religion, color, or any other group.


You like working in a team, diving into and learning new technologies. Customer support is our team's highest priority and everyone's concern is to support you and our customers to keep them happy. You'll always have someone from the team available to have your back.

You enjoy talking to and helping people (in English) and support them in finding good solutions to the issues they approach us with, writing clear instructions to walk them through the solution.

You have experience with supporting (or building) applications in at least one programming language, and with troubleshooting problems in build automation and services like MySQL, RabbitMQ, or ElasticSearch. Experience with the Linux command line is beneficial.

You want to help us shape our customer support environment. We foster a culture of continuous improvement and we'd like you to be an essential part of it. If you have an idea for a better way to do something, you have our full support to implement it.


This posting is specifically for the US and EU timezones but you can work from anywhere you want. You don't have to come to Berlin, but we're happy to fly you in to meet with them team whenever you want.

You choose your own working hours. We're flexible in how you work and where you work. We have families, and we encourage you to spend plenty of time with yours.

You take a minimum of 25 days paid leave per year.

We chip in for your health insurance. As a German company, we generally split about 50/50 between employer and employee, no matter where you are.

A Kindle book allowance so you can take time off and read.

You visit conferences. We'll pay for travel and tickets.


Travis CI is a continuous integration platform: We run people's tests, deploy their code and help them be confident about their work.

We have strong roots in open source, both in our community and how Travis CI was built. We continue to support the open source community wherever we can.

Travis CI is run as a hosted service, free for open source, and a paid product for private code. It's also available as an on-premises version (Travis CI Enterprise).

We're a small, bootstrapped business from Berlin, Germany with a team distributed across the globe. Our goal is to help people build better software. Travis CI is profitable, and we're building a sustainable business for the long run.

Our team values working at a healthy pace and a normal working day over working crazy hours. We'd prefer you go take a walk or spend time with your family than try to work through just one more support ticket.

Empathy is one of our core values as a team and company, towards each other, and our customers.

We foster a culture of continuous improvement and learning. If something's worth fixing or improving, it should be fixed or improved. Making mistakes is part of what we do, and we make sure we have each other's backs and learn from them.

At Travis CI, we value diversity in all aspects of our team. We value everyone's questions, insights and feedback.

We devote time to help our customers, the open source community, diversity in software development and to help our local communities. Most importantly, we thrive to help and support each other.

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This posting is specifically for the US and EU timezones but you can work from anywhere you want.

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