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Software Development


2015-04-15 21:06


Newspaper Club helps people make and print their own newspapers. Since 2010 we’ve printed over 7 million papers, built a tool for designing a paper in your browser, and launched a print-on-demand marketplace. We’re in the process of redeveloping several of our online systems and are looking for developers to join us.

This time around we’re looking for freelancers to join our existing technology department, specifically to work on our customer facing website. You’ll need to be comfortable writing solid, semantic, HTML, JS and CSS. Ideally you’ll be well versed in SASS and HAML (or ERB) and have a good understanding of Ruby on Rails.

You don’t need systems administration experience but being comfortable with Linux would be a big plus, as would using Git and GitHub to manage source code. Some familiarity with Configuration Management tools such as Chef or Ansible would help too.

As we’re a distributed team we use Slack, Basecamp, and Trello along with other tools, and clear communication skills are a must.

In return, we’ll offer a competitive daily rate, flexible hours, and a relaxed working environment. We believe in having fun, doing work we’re proud of, and going home on time.

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