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Software Development


2015-03-15 12:16



Join our small, but growing, Agile team of developers, scientists, and entrepreneurs to develop web and mobile applications that help people improve their health and change their behavior in meaningful ways. Use the best tools money can’t buy: Python, Django, JavaScript, CSS, HTML5, PostgreSQL and other open-source tools in a Unix environment. Apply Agile methodologies to build scalable and maintainable software solutions that delight our users. And do it all from the comfort of your home office, working 100% remote from anywhere in the US. You want to contribute to something important with a minimum amount of, well, bogosity. We feel the same way.

Develop web and mobile applications

  • Develop web applications in Python, Django, JavaScript, CSS and HTML5.
  • Develop mobile apps using the PhoneGap API.
  • Implement and consume RESTful web services using Python and JavaScript.
  • Use GitHub to repose and manage code, including issuing and reviewing pull requests.
  • Write Unit Tests and other automated tests.
  • Fix bugs. Or better yet, catch them before they’re deployed.

Provide analytics data

  • Design and create analytics database schemas in PostgreSQL.
  • Write ETL scripts to populate Analytics database.
  • Create data visualizations with Tableau.

Collaborate as an Agile team

  • Collaborate as part of a cross-functional team to deliver Sprint goals.
  • Participate in Release and Iteration Planning meetings and Backlog Grooming.
  • Estimate User Stories in Story Points.


  • Automate server provisioning, configuration management, and build deployment to cloud-based Unix environments like Rackspace, Linode and Heroku using Ansible.

Required Skills & Experience

  • 5+ years web development experience using Python, Django, HTML5, JavaScript, CSS, and PostgreSQL or MySQL in a Unix environment.
  • 2+ years mobile development experience.
  • 2+ years in an Agile environment, preferably Scrum or Kanban.
  • Strong problem-solving and analytical skills.
  • Effective communication (verbally and in writing) with team members, staff, and customers.

Bonus Skills

  • RESTful webservices
  • Data analytics solutions, especially Tableau, KISSmetrics, and Google Analytics.
  • Dynamic creation of charts and graphs using Highcharts.
  • Content Management Systems.
  • GitHub.
  • Continuous Integration with Jenkins.
  • Ansible.
  • PhoneGap.
  • iOS development, Swift, Objective-C, Cocoa.
  • Android development.
  • Cloud based server solutions, especially Rackspace, Linode and/or Heroku.
  • Unix system administration.
  • Test Automation.
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