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Software Development


2015-03-10 08:10



Owsy Corporation builds products for the financial services space. BindHQ is our first product and aimed at helping insurance professionals maximize productivity. We employ thinkers & tinkerers. Our employees work in small teams and are encouraged to spend time exploring new ideas, tech, and methodologies to work towards our common goals.

You will be essential in shaping the early features and functionality of our fast growing financial services tool. You will have direct access to the products primary users as well as a strong influence on the technology used to solve our problems.

Our teams are self organized and small (2-3 people) and are given the freedom to solve problems as they see fit as long as they understand that they own the software they create. We have a small core of team members in Venice, CA and additional employees in Portland and Cardiff UK.


Our tech stack includes PHP/Symfony2, MySQL, Ansible & AWS with microservices written in Clojure and Scala.


High performers can look forward to:

  • Unlimited Vacation
  • Defining your work schedule
  • Attending an annual conference on us
  • Freedom to work in the environment of their choice


  • 3+ Years experience building web applications or RESTful APi's
  • Self directed, and mature enough to work in distributed environments
  • Love to learn and are constantly tinkering with the latest tech and have several side projects to share.
  • Comfortable with learning how to deploy and monitor servers in multiple data centers
  • Strong PHP & Javascript skills and familiarity with Clojure, Objective-C, or Java a plus
  • You should be familiar with Linux environments and database systems such MySQL, PostgreSQL and MS SQL Server.
  • Git version control, TDD, build automation and continuous integration should all be familiar terms.
  • Understand the value of an MVP and fast feedback loops (you will have direct face to face access to the products users).
  • Enjoy creating documention and aiding others understand and navigate through issues
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Willingess to overlap with PST time zone for atleast twice a week

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