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2015-03-04 20:05


For nearly a decade, Big Cartel has been a company built by and for artists. And like the artists we work for, we are independent. We are self-funded. We are selling a handmade product. We are doing it the hard way. And we love it.

Big Cartel is home to over 500,000 independent stores around the world, and in the last decade they’ve generated nearly $1,000,000,000 (yep, that’s a BILLION) in combined sales. On top of that, we have a product used by hundreds of thousands of people every day, and we’re constantly creating new features and marketing plans to inspire and delight them.

Needless to say, we have a lot of data, and we’re looking for a combination mathlete / hacker / marketer / artist to join our team and help us make better use of the information at hand to root out inefficiencies, discover new opportunities, test our assumptions, and validate our solutions.

This is a brand new position for our small but mighty team, which is exciting, but will also require an extremely driven and self-motivated character. You’ll be working closely with everyone from design, development, community, support, and leadership, to help us answer questions like:

  • What types of customers are upgrading and staying around the longest?
  • What types of products are selling the best in different countries?
  • How can we optimize our checkout process for higher conversion rates?
  • What are people customizing the most in their theme?
  • How effective was that last video campaign we ran?

You must have:

  • SQL experience
  • Data warehousing experience
  • Data visualization experience
  • Programming experience

Bonus points for having:

  • Experience with Ruby and JavaScript / CoffeeScript
  • Solid marketing experience
  • Solid SaaS experience
  • Used data visualization in an art project

This is a full-time and salaried position that includes all of our awesome benefits like paid family leave, solid insurance, 401(k), and a generous PTO policy (we encourage you to take 4 weeks off!). You can work remotely from anywhere in the United States, but extra credit for joining us in SLC.

We also feel it’s important to point out the obvious here – there’s a serious lack of diversity in our industry and it really bugs us. That’s why we’re doing everything our small company can do to change that. We hope to continue to build a company whose culture promotes acceptance and embraces how rewarding it is to work for artists of all types all over the world.

While we definitely want your sharp skills, we’re specifically looking for a great teammate who values creativity, respect, and an honest desire to support artists over an impeccable resumé. If you’re hesitating to apply for any reason, don’t. We’re excited to hear from you.

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