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Software Development


2015-03-03 20:18



You are a competent front end developer interested in extending existing libraries and writing new ones. Particularly, you wish to explore the intersection of everyday life and commerce with automation that lies at the heart of the Internet of Things. You will be happy creating tools for others to use, rather than focusing on the particular uses of a tool to suit a client’s needs.


We are the system or record for the most important stakeholders in the drone ecosystem: commercial operators, insurers and regulators. We are a company with decades of experience in both professional aviation and computer science. We cultivate a culture of transparency and empowered productivity; responsibility to provide above need to know.

The SkyWard platform is delivered through web and native mobile applications to cover all aspects of enterprise fleet management, from scheduling and dispatch to automated flight data processing and maintenance cycles. The current ontology we're working with reflects the global commercial UAS industry and regulatory landscape as they exist today. The horizon we're aiming for includes a time when aerial robots (AR) will pass autonomously through the air as easily as packets of information pass over the Internet.

Our main office is located on the Portland waterfront in a large loft space with bay windows, skylights, a mezzanine overlooking the open front area, and a second story patio. Our build-out includes both collaborative and quiet spaces for those employees joining us on a regular basis. Remote is fine, depending on the position. For this position, remote is possible based on a candidate’s skills and experience.

Your Role

Design and test three dimensional, geospatial visualization and interaction libraries for web mapping. Design and test smart document/workflow libraries for streamlining insurance, regulatory, and other processes. Express the scheduling, parameters, state, and outcome of automated processes in intuitive user interfaces. Your FTE will fluctuate between these three realms of responsibility.


  • Three or more years of professional experience || equivalent education.
  • Experience with open source technologies for building modern web apps (angular, bootstrap, etc.).
  • Production experience with data visualization libraries such as threejs or d3.
  • Production experience with geospatial libraries such as leaflet.
  • Production experience extending existing libraries or writing new ones.
  • Experience working with development teams to identify features requiring expanded or new libraries.
  • Understanding of data transport protocols, common web formats such as JSON and XML, and basic web security.
  • Ability to contribute to API development as a code and technical stakeholder.


  • Some experience with Java application development (Maven, etc.).
  • Familiarity with technologies for front-end automation (Grunt, etc).
  • Experience working within a formally agile team process.
  • Industry experience; manned/unmanned aviation, fleet/inventory management, system-of-record software.

The Process

You Apply

Fill out this simple web application and provide one code sample solving a non-trivial and interesting problem within the realm of front end visualization and interaction. A hosted repository is required; we are agnostic RE: bitbucket v. github. Make sure to include instructions for quickly compiling and/or running in an interpreted environment.

First Interview

We get to learn who you are “off the page”. You interview us about our product and culture. Usually done by G+ Hangout or Skype.

Second Interview

We pair coding and architecting sessions with Dana Maher and CTO Marcos Osorno, either face to face at our headquarters in Portland or remotely.


We confer internally and get back to you with any follow-up queries

Audition Period

We hire everyone through the same process. It starts with an offer to audition with us for six weeks. This can be full-time or part-time. It gives us both a chance to actually work together and see if we're truly a good fit for each other.


After a successful audition, candidates will move to full-time, salaried status with benefits including:

  • Competitive salary and early equity at an exciting, venture-backed startup
  • $3,600/yr to support your remote office setup (unless you're at the office in PDX)
  • One “in-person” week per qtr in PDX (or other location) at company expense
  • $1,000 allowance for your own, personal drone... everyone in the company enjoys flying these things!
  • Choose your own smartphone ($50/month plan allowance + $250 purchase allowance)
  • Health and Dental
  • Paid vacation as well as an unlimited unpaid vacation policy
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