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Software Development


2013-05-27 10:12


With our browser-based app, we're dedicated to the web platform. We're looking for people with a deep understanding of cross-browser JavaScript, CSS and the DOM. Some of the questions we're facing:

  • How do you render continuous channel logs in a tab that's open all day without eating up all available memory?
  • How do you make a web app feel like desktop software?
  • What's the best way to make a flexible full screen layout with anchored and flexible scrolling components?
  • How much of a complex layout can you achieve with CSS alone, and how do you keep it snappy when you inevitably turn to scripting?
  • When is it okay to use tables for layout? Semantics and standards keep us sane, but performance should always take precedence.

We're particularly interested in hearing from people with experience in the following areas.

  • Backbone
  • Underscore
  • jQuery
  • WebSockets
  • JS step debugging

This is permanent position is open either in our East London office or remotely. We don't offer a relocation package.

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East London office or remote

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