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Software Development


2015-02-23 09:00



Our industry moves fast. Today we gulp, yesterday we grunted and before that we needed a compass and ton of gems just to keep everything straight. In order to stay relevant and productive you should be intellectually curious, self tasking, and excited about the opportunity to apply new technologies and approaches to each days challenges.

Depending on experience you'll have general freedom to select the best tools for each project but we find ourselves leaning on the following right now:

  • Frameworks: Angular, Drupal (7 & 8), Symfony and Express
  • Data Storage: MySQL, MongoDB, Firebase
  • Transpilation: Sass, ES6, Compass
  • Automation: Node, Gulp (some legacy grunt), Yeoman, Vagrant and Ansible
  • Package Management: brew/apt, npm, bower, gem
  • Languages: HTML, CSS, JS, PHP
  • Version Control: Git

Don't let that list scare you. You should use a few of them and be excited about the opportunity to try out the rest if you haven't already. We're open to remedying a few blind spots where necessary and always interested in doing things better if you have any ideas. Your ability to learn quickly, adapt and internalize complex systems is paramount around here.

Ideally, you live in Austin, or are interested in moving here (relocation assistance available), but we are also open to telecommuting if you have enough experience in the space to do so effectively.


We are a small (5), open source web shop that embraces the rapid evolution of our industry and strives to bring the benefits of those new toolchains and frameworks to our clients as quickly as possible.

We need your help dealing with a burgeoning workload of referrals from happy clients. Your skills, experience and personal goals will determine how you'll fit into our team and have a large impact on the type of work we accept in the future.

We're developer run and provide competitive compensation, health, dental and vacation as well as an exceptional working environment. In practice this manifests itself as flexible hours and enough perks to make us all look forward to coming into the office.

A short list of these perks includes great coworkers and mentors who are focused on your professional development, motorized sit/stand desks, Aeron chairs, articulating dual monitors, comfy couches, snacks, drinks, breakfast on monday, lunch on friday, and a happy hour when we get thirsty.

We build websites and mobile web apps for clients that include startups, non-profits, nationally recognizable Fortune 100 companies, top tier universities and the occasional local business. We're also designing and developing an in-house project that will launch this year with your help.

Please consider joining us in this amazing journey. I promise we'll learn something together and hopefully we'll make some great friends along the way. We are an equal opportunity employer and welcome every opportunity to add diversity to our collective point of view.

Your future colleagues, Michael, Cole, JD and Mika

tl;dr - Come work with us. We're going places together and with your help we'll all get there faster. You’ll be appreciated and respected for your contributions, drive and initiative.

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