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2015-02-13 05:58



Notabli is a web and mobile service that makes it super easy for parents and families to save, organize, and privately share their kids’ moments. It is the digital archive we all wish we had for our own childhoods.

Notabli is the first product of Parent Co - a company that builds beautiful digital tools for families. At Parent Co, we care deeply about creating digital tools and services that are built to last – products that we want to use ourselves. We’re looking for software developers who share these values and are ready to build great experiences for parents and families.

We are located in Burlington, Vermont, but we’re open to folks working from wherever they are most happy. Our current development team is distributed. That being said, we love Burlington, and if you think you might as well, we have a spot for you here. Plus, our downtown loft space is sunny, open, and smells of fresh espresso.

Job Details

We are looking for a full stack web developer experienced with building HTTP APIs and the JavaScript clients that interface with them. Our company is small, less than 12 people, with a strong design team. The development team consists of a few core folks that you would be joining.

Our web technology stack consists of an API built in Ruby on Rails, which is used by the Notabli web app and mobile app. The API is supported by a Sinatra app. The web app is built with Ember.js, using Ember CLI.

The ideal candidate for this position would be comfortable with asynchronous remote workflows, like reviewing pull requests, pair programming, and communicating across various channels. Communication is key to the development team and company. We use Slack to chat, Trello to organize our work, Google Hangouts to catch up face to face, and Screenhero or tmux to pair.

You will be working closely with the design and development team to develop new features and maintain existing codebases. Self-direction and self-motivation are key to thriving at Notabli.

Your Skills

  • Experience building HTTP JSON APIs with Ruby (Rails and Sinatra).
  • Experience building web front-ends with a JavaScript MV* framework. We use Ember.js with Ember CLI.
  • Experience using Git pragmatically. For example, you should be able to write great commit messages (no one liners), rebase branches, use bisect to track down bugs, and tag releases.
  • Experience writing semantic and clean markup and styles based on designs in Sketch. We use Less as our style preprocessor, with Bootstrap, and Handlebars for our templates.
  • An understanding of data stores and using them with Ruby, specifically Postgresql and Redis.
  • An understanding of knowing when to write tests and when not to write tests.
  • Experience with Unix-like operating systems and associated commands. For example, those needed for setting up and configuring Ruby apps with Nginx, Redis, and Postgresql.
  • Ability and interest to code collaboratively with processes like code review and pair programming.
  • Interest and experience in improving the performance of Rails apps, particularly on Heroku.
  • A strong working knowledge of HTTP. You should know your PUT from your PATCH.
  • Interest and/or experience in building microservices.
  • Experience with using AWS S3 and EC2 is a plus.
  • Experience with search technologies like Elasticsearch or Solr is a plus.
  • Interest or skills with languages like Go and Elixir is a plus.

We look forward to hearing from you!

(Individuals only please; no development shops)

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