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Software Development


2015-01-31 22:33


PhishMe is seeking professional and experienced Rails developers who can ship code to join its software engineering team.

The successful candidate will have professional work experience (internships or professional jobs held as a student are valid). This is a full-time position working for PhishMe, Inc. Outsourced or software development contractors will not be considered. We actively encourage diversity on our team and overall company. Rockstars and Brogrammers should look elsewhere.

Successful applicants must be:

  • A self-starter who is willing to take a task from gathering requirements to deployment and maintenance
  • Able to work effectively and be pragmatic as part of a remote team in a dynamic business environment
  • Comfortable working independently and able to escalate problems when necessary
  • Able to communicate effectively
  • Eager to learn and able to understand and apply new things relatively quickly
  • Willing to mentor and guide fellow team members kindly and constructively
  • Detail-oriented
  • Willing to work for eight solid hours per day where at least five overlap with 8am to 6pm EST
  • Available to work off-hours occasionally
  • Happy to travel occasionally for team meetings and events

Your experience should demonstrate that you:

  • Have solid production Rails experience
  • Are proficient with full-stack web development (HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript)
  • Can comfortably work outside the boundaries of Rails (SQL, basic system administration, etc.)
  • Are able to effectively use git and understand common SCM workflows
  • Read and generally agree with the ideas in Sandi Metz’s POODR
  • Are knowledgeable of best practices, but open to introducing reasonable technical debt when necessary to meet business needs
  • Are able to write code that is intentional and readable rather than magically obscure
  • Stay on top of current Ruby, Rails, and programming news
  • Are fluent in SQL
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  • Are comfortable with the RSpec test framework

It would really be outstanding if you:

  • Have attained a four-year degree in something (…anything)
  • Have customer support experience (retail, help desk, consulting, etc.)
  • Have professional experience with server configuration and deploying Rails applications
  • Have experience with distributed programming using message queues
  • Can comfortably use advanced git features such as rebase, rebase -i, merge --no-ff
  • Have basic image creation and manipulation skills
  • Like the look of https://github.com/styleguide/ruby


  • Competitive salary + stock
  • Retirement plan with 3% company match
  • Health, vision, dental, disability, and life insurance
  • Telecommuting expense reimbursement
  • Choose your own Apple workstation
  • Peers that enjoy appropriate use of internet memes
  • Enjoy your nights and weekends!
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At least five overlap with 8am to 6pm EST

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