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2015-01-21 16:00


INTRO We’re a small growing 5-persons startup based in Trento, Northern-Italy. Our online travel agency’s specialized in offering a selection of eco-hotels all around Italy and is currently expanding to Europe. Ecobnb makes it easy for responsible traveller to search for a place to stay for a short or long period, vacation or work and for eco-accommodation business owners to market themselves in the growing green sector.

Coming up on our roadmap is a big refresh of the current UI. When we say you'll have significant impact on the product right off the bat, we mean it. On the front-end we are using bootstrap, less and jquery. On the back-end we have a monolithic symfony application moving toward service-oriented, with the web UI more and more talking directly with APIs we are open to new tech and libs on the front-end.

Our current engineering team is composed by two full-stack-but-mostly-back-end devs, you'll be an integral part of the team to strengthen the front-end side and complete the skillset. 6remote friendly team, using the best collaboration tools and communicating asynchronously with occasional video calls.

REQUIRED KNOWLEDGE AND EXPERIENCE: - Master of frontend web technologies: HTML, CSS, JavaScript - Proficient in modern front-end js frameworks - Know jQuery, but not dependent on it - Have an eye for UX and design - Like your js to be linted, tested and unobtrusive - Like your markup to be semantic, responsive and templatized - Can manage a modern workflow with package managers, asset pipelines, automated testing, build system, version control, ... - Analytical mind, excellent communication and self-management skills

DESIRABLE KNOWLEDGE AND EXPERIENCE: - Understand the balance between scrappiness and long-term code maintainability - Up to speed with current Web standards, optimization techniques, and best practices - Agile methodologies - You have a solid sense of composition, typography, and color

YOU WILL (responsability): - Pick the best technologies and tool our front-end stack - Make things look beautiful and work flawlessly - Write clean, modular, tested code - Implement visual design from prototypes

SHOW US YOUR STUFF! Please provide us with information you feel would be useful to us in gaining a better understanding of your technical background and accomplishments. Links to GitHub, your technical blogs, publications, personal projects, etc. are exceptionally useful. We especially appreciate pointers to your best contributions to open source projects. Tell us what tools/workflow/libs/framework you use and why.

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