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Software Development


2015-01-16 14:01


Diagnotes is a HIPAA-compliant mobile communication system that helps medical groups improve communication among providers, patients and staff. Our product includes web, android and iOS applications, along with external-facing APIs and integrated 3rd party components.

Read more about us at http://www.diagnotes.com

Job Description

Work alongside our CTO as tech hire #1 to extend and improve our core Ruby on Rails application and associated APIs. Take ownership of our platform and development. Some typical tasks are:

  • extend one of our APIs to support a new 3rd party Electronic Medical Records system
  • rebuild our web front-end to use the same API as our mobile applications
  • refactor our existing encryption code into a reusable gem

You can work from our offices, or the other side of the world, as long as you can communicate effectively and handle responsibility. Our ideal candidate can:

  • Manage your own time. You get stuff done, that's the bottom line.
  • Continually improve the quality of the code you touch. You like to write missing tests (we use RSpec) and clean up ugly methods.
  • Handle a complex development environment. You are a ninja with server logs, firebug, 3rd party tools and know where to look first.


Enough experience to write production-quality, we-deploy-in-flight code, and to refactor and improve existing code, on our technology stack of Rails 4 / Haml / JQuery / PostgreSQL / RESTful APIs + multiple AWS and other 3rd party components.

Extra credit if you are familiar with one or more of:

  • StrongSwan / VPN management / AWS VPC
  • Voxeo CallXML
  • AWS OpsWorks and Chef
  • AWS SNS / APNS / Google Cloud Push
  • Asymmetric cryptography / ruby-openssl
  • iOS or Android development

Additional Information

Time: from 20 hours / week (half-time) to 40 hours / week (full-time). Job Type: W-2 (job) or 1099 (contractor), but with the goal of a long-term working relationship. Location: Wherever is good for us, as long as you have a good internet connection. Be available periodically to plan and brainstorm. Pay: Competitive compensation, either hourly or salary, based on your experience, availability, and enthusiasm.

No recruiters please. We do not work with, respond to, or pay recruiters, so please don't waste our time or yours.

Application Info

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