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Software Development


2013-05-25 20:41


We are searching for an intermediate/advanced Ruby on Rails developer to assist in the continuing development of our flagship application: Kajabi, as well as develop brand new exciting products and services. The ideal candidate will be active in the Rails community, have contributed to open-source projects, have a portfolio of wide-ranging previous Rails projects, and a GitHub account with code samples.

You’ll be working with a closely-knit team of developers and designers based in Southern California to mold and guide several projects.

Most important is that you can produce high-quality code to meet the product’s needs and that you can deliver on time.

Solid capabilities in database schema design, Ruby (of course), TDD/BDD, RSpec, Javascript, & jQuery are a must as well as fluency with git. A big bonus for experience with Heroku as well as HTML, CSS, and Sass skills.

In this small team, you’ll need to be very self-sufficient. Learning on the job is important (no one can be an expert on everything) but the more diverse your knowledge-base, the better. We are looking for someone with real-world experience who can dive into the code immediately.

We realize that it would be short-sighted of us to require this person to live and work in Orange County, CA. While we prefer to find someone who could join us in the office everyday, we are willing to consider remote applicants. If you are interested in relocating to Orange County (and why wouldn't you be?) then we will happily help you relocate.

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