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Software Development


2013-05-25 19:54


Bitovi is Hiring


We’re a JavaScript consulting company best known for JavaScriptMVC, CanJS, and Funcunit. We do training, provide expert consulting, and constantly improve our products - and we open-source everything. We also speak at and sponsor conferences like JSConf and jQueryConf and organize JavaScript meetups all over the country. And now we’re looking for awesome people to join our team and help us build kick-ass web applications.


We want smart and articulate people - someone who will instantly work well with our clients, and be able to have a beer with them afterward. And we want people who can get organized and stay on top of things in a fast-moving environment.

The most important ingredient, though, is passion. You should be ready to defend your strong, well-formed opinions on such topics as the future of web development, what a good web application looks and feels like, and Star Trek versus Star Wars versus Battlestar Galactica.

A job at Bitovi includes:

  • Competitive pay and 4 weeks of vacation.
  • Health and dental insurance, as well as a gym membership reimbursement plan.
  • The ability to work from wherever you like and set your own hours.
  • The perfect amount of travel - a week every month or two.

Javascript Developer

You should have experience in JavaScript (that’s important) and jQuery, as well as CSS and HTML. It’s also nice if you have some experience on the server side: Ruby on Rails, MySQL, Java, C#, and things along those lines. And you should have had at least one fever dream involving parentheses counting, memory leaks, and Douglas Crockford.

Here is a sample of things that might be on your radar on a given week:

  • Designing a complex filemanager component for a client project.
  • Flying out to a client to help convert their current web application to CanJS.
  • Responding to issues and pull requests for Funcunit.
  • Answering questions in our IRC channel.
  • Speaking at a conference about CanJS.
  • Creating a widget for a blog post about CanJS.
  • Promoting a JavaScript meetup group.
  • Preparing to train a prospective client on JavaScriptMVC


You’ll have the opportunity to shape your role depending on your availability, skills, and desires. In addition to working on client projects, Bitovians have a diverse range of roles including:

  • Sales
  • Blogging
  • Speaking at conferences
  • Training
  • Managing an open source project
  • Evangelizing an open source project

You’ll also get the chance to develop your own ideas and work with intelligent and talented people who want to make the web a better place.

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